Why You Should Only Hire Bonded Roofing Contractors

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Whether your roof needs repairs or replacement, it is advisable to hire a roofing expert. A reliable roofing expert will ensure that you get quality services. But how do you differentiate a dedicated professional from a hack? One way to ensure this is by looking for a license, bond, and insurance.

Individual states in the US require contractors to be licensed and bonded. An example of such a state is California.

The contractor bond is an obligation and a form of surety involving three parties. The contractor is the principal, the state is the obligee, and the insurance provider is sure. The bond of a service provider holds them liable for any work-related decision they make. It also suggests that the service provider is sure to provide quality services.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Licensed and Bonded Roofing Contractor?

There are many ways working with a professional on your building project will prove useful than when you don’t. And you can check below for ways you can gain from doing so.

1. They Have Extensive Knowledge and Skills

Contractors must undergo serious scrutiny before being provided a license. A hack of a contractor wouldn’t bother getting licensed. They just look for ignorant clients in need of their services.

Whereas an experienced service provider would do all, it takes to ensure they are qualified for their job. To get a license, contractors must prove they are knowledgeable of the industry standards.

You can trust that a licensed and bonded roofer will provide quality services. You can also trust any recommendations they make. The link here https://www.contractorbond.org/roofing/ has contacts with experts with years of experience in the business who can provide you the quality service you need, but if they’re not local to you, try searching online using your location as a keyword, e.g. “Roofer Suffolk County“.

2. The Requirements of the State and Government Will be Met

Mostly with big projects, you need to comply with the requirements of the state and government. Contractors must comply with the permits that the state requires.

When you hire a licensed expert, you can relax when the city inspects your home. You already know that they have complied with safety regulations. It would also help you a lot when you need to flip your house. Potential buyers will ask for permits, and only a bonded and licensed contractor can provide them. Before choosing any roofing professional, visit their physical office. Talk with them, see their instruments and facilities to measure whether they are capable enough to complete your roof job.

3. Provides You with Insurance

Hiring a licensed and bonded contractor gives you insurance. It means that if a mistake is made during work on your project, they would be held accountable. This is a significant relief for you.

Getting to know that your worker will do their best to avoid mistakes will keep your mind at ease. It will tell you what to watch out for when in the market for their services.

Did you know that if a visitor gets injured during work on your home, the contractor pays for it? Remember, he can only do so if he is bonded and insured. This, on its own, makes it a great reason to hire a bonded contractor.

4. They Ensure Your Roofing Project is Done Systematically

You might think that all roofers know how to complete a job systematically. If you think so, you are wrong. Most hacks out there do not know-how.

A licensed professional will ensure your project is planned out carefully. They will also communicate essential information to you throughout the work phase.

5. The State Supports Them

The state supports only a bonded roofer to perform work on a project. So, working with them provides added benefits. You can take advantage of your state’s dispute resolution program. It will help you when in dispute with your roofer. It ensures you will be compensated accordingly.

If you get in a disagreement with an uninsured roofer, they wouldn’t be held accountable for any damage they cause.

6. They Can Apply for Permits on Your Behalf

Most roofing projects require homeowners to secure a permit from their local authority. This permit will ensure that the home is compliant with their local building codes.

Only bonded and insured roofers can apply for permits on behalf of their clients. This saves you stress and unnecessary hassle.

How Do I Know My Contractor is Bonded?

A great way to find out is to ask them. Still, do not rely on their answer. Ask for proof stating that they are licensed, insured, and bonded. If they don’t provide you with evidence, that might be a red flag.

If they provide a copy of their proof, make sure to read them carefully. Make sure to contact their bond and insurance provider to confirm the information on their documents.

A bonded and licenses roofing contractor will ensure your home is in safe hands. Make sure to use their services.

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