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Professional photography was once limited to only those who were able to afford the most expensive and high-quality equipment. Now you can easily utilize your smartphone to take pictures of landscapes, people, or animals, and via a helpful app, sell those photos online and make money. The Wirestock app is created for you to develop your personal talent into a potential income-generating venture.

It does not matter if you are using Android or iOS, the quality of cameras on smartphones has improved over the years, so you do not need to buy another camera to do what you love and earn money. By uploading your mobile images onto Wirestock, you will free up space on your phone and make money too.

Now, let’s see how you can make money selling photos online using the Wirestock app and its advantages.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you should do is to download the Wirestock app. Register and let the journey begin without worrying about any subscription fees. Unlike other stock agencies, Wirestock offers access to marketplaces such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, 123rf, Pond5.

You do not need to download all these apps and submit all your images one by one. You can do it from a single account in the Wirestock app as it aggregates all of the above-mentioned platforms. Of course, you don’t have to submit your images to all marketplaces at once. It is your choice. You have the option to choose all of them, some of them, or only one of the platforms you want your photos to be shown on.

Additionally, your content can be distributed to some other marketplaces, platforms, brands, and agencies.

How Many Photos Should I Submit Monthly?

Most photographers post hundreds of different photos a month, and wait for someone to find them. Some photographers just submit the pictures of their pets and earn considerably vast amounts for it, so look for your niche!

A Unique Possibility to Upload Both Photos & Videos

What makes Wirestock stand out from other similar services is that it allows the submission of both photos and videos without any flat fees. One of the company’s policies is that your photo and/or video files will be credited under Wirestock, rather than you directly. When working with the app, this is one of the terms you agree with before starting your Wirestock journey.

Special Opportunity of File Optimization

One of the advantages of the app, is that Wirestock team will do all the image optimization for you without any charge. If you do not understand how metadata works, just make sure “Easy Submission” is enabled so that they can add high-quality keywords and metadata to your commercial images. If you want to enter your metadata manually, make sure you disable the “Easy Submission”.

Do I Need to Pay for Submitting My Photos to Wirestock?

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, the main one is that the app is completely free.

Get Paid for Selling Your Mobile Photos Online

With Wirestock, you get higher royalty rates and discoverability than in any other marketplace. Wirestock only charges a 15% commission from paid royalties, so you get 85% of all royalties achieved through Wirestock. All payments are sent to your account, and you can track them on
the dashboard. Just like the desktop variant, the app provides you with the ability to track your earnings in one place. On your dashboard, you will see the sales you made from the agencies you chose. Wirestock has multiple payout options; such as PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer.

The price for your photos depends on the site and the quality of your images. Earnings directly depend on the skill of the photographer, the amount of work they’ve done, and the number of photos approved by the photo bank. In addition, the personal rating and trends of certain topics will also affect the price.


Selling your photos online through the Wirestock app is definitely much easier and optimal than by selling them via separate apps. These points about Wirestock prove that it is a proficient tool when it comes to stock photo submission.

Make no mistake, selling photos online in order to make money can be tough because it requires creativity. It is difficult because everyone with a smartphone can be a photographer, but as many have already proved, you can make money on Wirestock.

Image Credits: cottonbro

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