1920’s Inspired Bridal Hair For 2016

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Even in 2015-16 we’re still lusting after hairstyles from the 1920s, which work beautifully as bridal hair looks, whether you are having a traditional style wedding or going all out with a Great Gatsby/Art Deco theme.

Let’s start with a simple hair accessory. A cute chignon bun, worn to the side and complemented by a glamorous jewelled headband will instantly give a nod towards the 1920s, reminding your wedding guests of glamorous flapper girls, cocktails and jazz music.

Plus, the glittering diamante on that headband will match your gorgeous wedding ring on the day, probably purchased from 77 Diamonds. Wear your headband wrapped over your forehead or resting on the crown of your head, depending on the hairstyle you have decided upon.

Finger waves are another style to try out for your bridal hair and screams 1920s. They work on both long and short hair and are really simple to achieve, albeit a little fiddly. You can either wear yours with a natural looking make up style or a true 1920s inspired face, featuring big lashes and a bold plum lip. Here’s a great tutorial to show your hair stylist if you’re considering rocking finger waves to your big day.

Another popular trend in the 1920s was the cap style veil, which was worn tight over a curled bob and trailed down past the bride’s shoulders. Commonly known as a Juliet cap veil, it’s a simple way of taking your wedding look and instantly reversing time. This Buzzfeed compilation of beautiful Juliet cap veils should inspire you to consider one for your wedding look.

A vintage hairpiece, featured in your bridal updo, is another easy way of tying in a 1920s theme into your look. Think feathers, net veils and large pearl flowers to really work the 1920s look and keep hair neat and styled in curls or waves.

The short bob might have been all the rage back in the 20s but that doesn’t mean you have to chop all your locks off to achieve the same look. Talk to your hairstylist about creating a faux bob – this simply involves curling and pinning the hair underneath itself to make it appear shorter.

It will require a lot of bobby pins, patience and plenty of hairspray but it is achievable and a little less drastic than taking the scissors to the ends of your hair. This is a great, easy tutorial to try out that you could even do at home yourself.

It’s also a good idea to consider finishing off a 1920s bridal style hair look with make up to match. Smoky eyes and bright red lipstick neatly drawn on (no Kylie Jenner overdrawing treatment) should complement a vintage look hairstyle perfectly and give you that smouldering, siren look.

Now all that’s left to do is get that dress on, pick up your bouquet and head down the aisle to meet your man, waiting at the end!

Photo CC By Graphic frenchtwisthairsalon

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