3 Modern Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Innovation is at an all time high. It seems everywhere you look, new startups offer promising new inventions to keep us entertained, clean, practical, and more importantly, efficient. These modern boons prove to save us time and effort, thanks to how convenient they are. But in the absolute saturation of these devices in the modern market promising convenience, utility and long lifespans have made it easy to filter them out mentally.

It seems that these devices are hosted in many stores all over the high street, from gadget shops to men’s stores, from video game retailers to online marketplaces. The problem with this is that the novelty can wear off quickly, and that can simply make you ignore the wide range of actually great products that are out there. It seems most devices hold some form of electronic capacity these days, and so this list of ‘5 modern gadgets you didn’t know you needed’ will help you find the best purchases at this moment in time.

Smart Fridge

Smart fridges are among some of the most useful smart appliances you can find, if not THE most useful. They allow you to dictate the temperature of your fridge with a crisp, easy and reliable LED display, while also making shopping and inventory lists, purchasing that shopping online with ease as well as overcoming the difficulty of worrying about when to clean it, as the fridge will already tell you when the grime is affecting the ability to cool correctly.


E-Bikes are the new best thing among those who enjoy riding casually and competitively. Not only do they come with some of the best calorie trackers, but can help you track routes and track all aspects of your usage. They truly offer a revolutionary riding experience. However, e-bikes aren’t cheap. Thanks to their expensive price point, gaining electrical bike insurance can be a pain to find cheaply. However, looking online should help you find the best deal, so be sure to look around.

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are nothing new,  but they are experiencing a resurgence in design and popularity. Many companies now understand that consumers favor the high quality and premium feel of mechanical key switches, thanks to their tactile feedback and long term writing ability with ease. For the best results, you might try the Cherry MX keys which are incredibly handy and come in three varieties.

Blue allows you to type with ease all day, perfect for content writers. They come with a loud audible ‘click’ which is preferable to the typists among you. Red allows you to have the lowest latency per click which is useful if gaming competitively. Finally, browns are a solid mix between the two. These keyboards are a world apart from your standard daily affair, so be sure to get the most out of them if you can.

These three useful products are sure to give you a better, more up to date experience with new and popular technological trends. You’ll wonder how you did without them.

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