3 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Next Event

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Hosting significant events can seem a little terrifying. Between having to find food to serve, drinks to have available, how many people you are opening up to, and so many of the other little things that go into event planning, thinking about entertainment can feel like a whole new ballpark you have to deal with.

If you use any of these three ideas for keeping guests entertained, you will have a guaranteed fun event, no questions asked.

Hire a Comedian

Comedians are a great source of entertainment that often gets looked over. Hiring a comedian has excellent perks. For example, comedians liven up the event faster than any other form of entertainment. They bring everyone out of their shell and create laughs so quickly that you skip over the awkward initial phase of the event.

There are also plenty of different kinds of comedians that can tailor their shows to your liking. You can choose to have a clean, family-friendly show, or you can have a dirtier, adults-only show, depending on your event and your audience.

Finding comedians is also an effortless task. Simply search “comedians for hire in Chicago,” and hundreds of comedians will pop up, each with a different type of show. As you search through the lists, you can find videos of the different comedians, so you will know for sure you like their style before hiring them for your big event. Nonetheless, any comedian is sure to entertain guests, and they are the perfect candidate for entertainment.

Live Musicians

Live music is another unique form of entertainment for events. Live music is a little less interactive than a comedian, which is perfect if you want the focus to be less on the show and more on the reason you are holding the event.

However, live music is sure to bring in new people if the event you’re hosting is open to anyone, giving you new customers, sponsors, donors, or whatever else you are holding the event for. Live musicians can also fix their show based on what you are currently doing. They can slow and quiet themselves down if it is dinner time, or they can pick up the pace and volume if they need to keep your guests awake and active. No matter what, hiring live musicians is another way to certify you will have entertained guests.

Create A Specific Playlist Ahead of Time

If hiring entertainment is out of your ideal budget, creating a playlist can be all it takes to make your guests entertained. Create the playlist based on who will be attending, for example, if most of the guests will be in their 50s, play music from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Also, be sure to make the playlist at least as long as your event will be. Hearing the same 15 songs on repeat is enough to drive anyone crazy. Guests will be entertained and happy, though, as long as they can listen to their favorite songs all night.

Image Credits: Kane Reinholdtsen

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