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Music– the word itself is enough to create sensation in your spine. It sounds happy as well as makes you happy, but have you ever considered how humans have become so fond of music throughout history and in every culture around the world? No, because we don’t really need to. All we want to do is to enjoy and groove to it. Well, quite relatable fact though, but sometimes we need to exchange thoughts on something good for the sake of knowledge enrichment. Knowledge of anything only helps.

So, music does create a big impact over life, health and happiness. Practically thinking, it helps you forget a hard day at work, relationship disputes, financial loss, and ill-health to name a few. But, there are a few more interesting benefits of music what we have never tried to know about before. Here they are:

Music helps in verbal and visual learning

Studies show that interactive music training helps children of ages 5 to 12 to understand things faster and better than those who are not taking part in the experiment. They tend to understand the meaning of any new word much clearly and explain it in a smarter way than others. The students also got to work on their IQ level and it developed at a quicker than usual pace. Music seemingly helped children boost their brain-power and improve their verbal and visual skills.

This happens because they have to go through a variety of intellectual lyrics, understand the function of rhythm, diverse usage of pitch and voice. It’s been shown that continuous musical training makes a child sharp and rational.

Music heals an ageing brain

As a person grows older and finally reaches his golden years of life, means becomes a sexagenarian or septuagenarian, the rate of his brain’s reflexes then starts dropping. He feels unable to focus on everything he wants and work on that. Here, music helps them retain their brain reflexes and feel like young once again. When a person puts himself to music, he then has to concentrate on so many things simultaneously. Right from lyrics to instrumental incorporation and even the context of the whole song. You must be aware of the fact that each song tells you a story and the listener feels obliged to understand it to feel the real essence of the song. In an attempt to what this song has to tell about, an ageing brain too starts retaining its reflexes.

The door to happiness passes is through music

Needless to say, music heals your dead nerves and gets them functioning once again. The instrumental beats and the lyrical substance take the listener to another level and help him think of only happy things. May be, this is why, today, everywhere the “installation of music” has become sort of essential. For example, DJs for corporate events and parties, wedding DJs, DJs for birthday parties and so on. Music helps a party get energized and be memorable. Regardless you are happy or sad, music only helps you cheer up for a little longer. You love its instrumental collaboration and do not want to pull out anymore.

Music has a good effect on your heart, blood pressure and pulse rate

We listen to music with our muscles. – Friedrich Nietzsche

True 101%. We feel it and then we can feel the positive change in us. Music does impact our emotions, psychological as well as brain effects. It also saves you from becoming the prey of depression!

Have you ever noticed that every person has different taste in music? Did you ever try to understand why this happens? Why do not you like the song your best friend goes mad over? You do not like all the songs available in market, you choose a few and then tend to gravitate towards a few niche genres. This happens because not all types of music can feed your brain with endorphins, which is known to add to vascular health, but a few can. Also, some studies, which have been conducted lately said that patients, who had survived cardiac attacks, did not seem anxious or feel the pain after listening to a moderate number of tracks after the attack. It appaers that music also impacts your blood pressure and pulse rate.

Sleep without music does not sound good

Generally, when you go to bed and light goes out, all you get to see is how hard the day was and subsequently become anxious about tomorrow as well. This kills your sleep bugs. Here music helps you keep any sort of anxiety away. Just put the ear buds into your ears and play the most favorite song you have always loved listening to and see how fast you fall asleep.

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