4 Fantastic Ways For Dogs To Beat The Heat This Summer

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Summer is not only a great time of year for people, but it’s also a fantastic time for dogs. Pooches love to get out of the house and play in the warm weather, and there is no better time than in the summer. However, even though it warms the heart to see your pet having a good time in the sun, it also warms their bodies. And, too much exposure to the sun can have deadly consequences. After all, dogs can’t cool themselves like humans.

The good news is below are the ways your canine can beat the heat this summer.

#1: Put Out Fresh Water

Like humans, dogs get dehydrated if they don’t get enough H2O. Plus, a lack of water also affects the cooling process because their bodies shutdown to preserve vital organs. With lots of fresh, cool water, you won’t have to worry about your pooch becoming dehydrated. The trick is to replace the bowl every couple of hours to ensure that the water doesn’t get warm and stale. Also, keep it out of the sun and in the shade if the bowl is going to be outside.

#2: Buy A Cooling Bed

Have you ever wondered why your pet likes to lie on concrete flags or tiles? It’s because they are the coolest place to take the edge off and relax. Simple science tells us that thick, matte surfaces absorb heat much more effectively than any other surfaces. So, the sofa or their bed isn’t going to be a good place to hide from the heat. However, you can change all of this with a cooling dog bed which uses a gel or water to regulate the temperature. Normally, this is a cheaper option than installing and blasting the AC twenty-four-seven.

#3: Keep Them Out Of The Heat

Think of your dog as a small child. Just like young children, dogs don’t know when to call it quits. So, they will stay in the sun longer than they should, particularly if they are having fun. As their owner, it is your job to monitor their fun and get them out of the heat. That way, there is no reason for your pet to overheat. A good tip is to avoid going for walks in the afternoon sun. This is when the temperature is the hottest, so there is no need to be outdoors.

#4: Install A Water Feature

Dogs love water because it is a place for them to cool down out of the summer sun. Of course, the majority of homes don’t have a pond or lake they can jump in, but they aren’t the only options. A kiddie pool is an excellent place for a canine to cool down if they get too warm. An unused bathtub is also another good choice, as is a run of the mill garden sprinkler. For those of you who do like this option, please don’t leave your dog unattended.

After all, accidents can happen even in one foot of water.

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