What Should You Check Before Ordering CBD Chews for Your Pet?

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CBD edibles like CBD chews are used to treat health conditions pets may be prone to and as health supplements to boost their overall health and immunity. Chews are usually CBD products that contain CBD concentrates. The chews come in different appealing flavors and generally resemble regular dog treats and biscuits. These bite-sized chews can be administered orally and are usually 100% THC-free.

Many reputed brands specialize in formulating and selling chew treats for dogs and other pets. Consult your vet before you buy CBD treats for your dog.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

Research shows that CBD edibles like soft chews and treats absorb faster into your dog’s body. Whether you are using the chews as medication or as a supplement, the CBD starts kicking in within 30 minutes since its intake.

Even full-spectrum chews are safe since they contain no THC. Since these chews are formulated specifically for dogs, they come in several flavors that dogs find appealing. Getting your dog to eat CBD chews will be much easier than getting him/her to take other oral edibles like CBD pills or tablets.

The cannabinoids present in the chews provide various health benefits for dogs. They help keep your dog’s physical and mental health in check.

Factors to Consider while Buying CBD Products

CBD chews are extracted from a plant. That does not necessarily mean the chews are safe for your dog. While buying CBD edibles, it’s critical to ensure you only buy from reputed brands that use authentic ingredients and do not mix artificial compounds and chemical substances to their products.

Check if the Chews are Hemp-Based and THC-Free

There is no evidence to prove that marijuana-based CBD products are safe for animal consumption. The primary difference between cannabis and marijuana is that cannabis or hemp contains more CBD and less THC, while marijuana contains less CBD and more THC. It is one of the compounds present in hemp and marijuana, along with over 500 other cannabinoids.

THC causes psychoactive reactions or invokes a “high” feeling in humans and animals. Ensure that the chews you buy for your dog contain no THC. Also, ensure that the chews are hemp-based and not marijuana-based since the latter is potentially harmful to your dog.

Certificate of Analysis

Authentic brands sell CBD products that have a certificate of analysis(COA). The certificate proves that the products were tested for safety and are fit for animal consumption. The certificate will also list which cannabinoids are present in the chews.

Find Out Where the Hemp Comes From

It is vital to determine if the chews are made from all-natural ingredients and if the hemp used for making the chews is sourced from a reliable supplier. The prospective risk associated with letting your dog consume low-quality hemp that may contain traces of pesticides or other chemicals is massive. It could even have fatal implications.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings provided by former customers can play a significant role in helping you choose CBD edibles for your dog. Choose a top-rated brand that has high ratings. Buying from a reputed brand will help eliminate the risk of potential health hazards.

Final Word

Discuss with your vet to decide which CBD brand and product will work best for your dog. The chews can help manage conditions like anxiety, pains, depression, and insomnia. It’s also advisable to monitor your dog for allergic reactions.

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