4 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong With Your Makeup

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No one is born a professional makeup artist. Usually, it takes years of practice before you stop looking like a barbie doll who’s been scribbled with crayons.

You may even go through an entire decade of being convinced something looks great, only to look back at photos and wonder what on earth you were thinking. (So glad that blue mascara phase is over.)

To help you avoid some of the most common makeup blunders that you still be guilty of committing, here are a few you may want to take a look at.

Skipping Moisturizer Before Foundation

In your younger years, you may suffer from blemishes here and there, which leave you believing that any kind of oil on your face is bad. However, in many cases, skin overproduces oil because it’s actually lacking oil!

When you apply makeup to bare skin, not only are you setting yourself up for fine lines and a pancake finish, but you’re also skipping a critical barrier between your skin and makeup.

Always apply moisturizer before your foundation for a smooth finish.  To lock in even more moisture, consider mixing cream with your foundation.

Applying Makeup In Artificial Light

Perhaps it’s happened to you before. You apply makeup in your bathroom only to find that when you look at yourself in your car mirror that you look like you smeared batter all over your face.

In order to achieve the softest and most natural finish possible, you should always apply your makeup in natural light. If you’re applying your makeup when the sun is down, just make sure you pay extra attention to blending!

Too Much Highlighter

Because of the latest trend in contouring highlighter is all the rage. However, overdoing it can result in looking like a futuristic metallic robot.

Only apply a small amount of highlighter to your cheekbones, and blend with the tip of your finger. Make sure to move your head in a few different positions so that you can see how the light reflects off of what you’ve applied. In many cases, people think they’ve applied much less than they actually have!

Not Washing Your Makeup Off At Night

Sometimes at the end of a long day, you just want to hit the hay! However, as much as you might like to fall into bed without washing off a day of makeup and dirt, you’d be wreaking havoc on your skin!

Those extra six minutes you’ll spend washing your face and applying cream will pay off in the long run! Not only will you avoid pesky breakouts, but you’ll also avoid building up dead skin cells that give your face a dull texture.

Image Credits: Kevin Laminto

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