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Pretty and awesome toes are everyone’s desire. This authentic achievement has led to the creation of terms like sandal toes and summer toes. You do not want to miss out, slipping your feet into those pretty holiday sandals, wedges, do you? Somehow it derails, and most of the time it damages your esteem when you cannot wear your favorite summer shoes because of scaly and cracked feet dotted with corn on toe, and probably with not so attractive nails. You want to sport beautiful toes that are well pedicured and smooth feet, warm enough as the summer that you are stepping into. Below are six steps to follow to achieve pretty toes.

  1. Soak your feet

Your feet have to be deep cleaned in a bath or tub of water with essential oils or tea tree oil. Gently rub your feet with soap and a clean towel or piece of cloth. Remember to also scrub in between the toes to clean out dry skin and dirt. Taking time to wash one toe after the other with thorough attention on the toes and around the nails. The soaking should be redone several times a week, especially during the summertime when it is hot. This leaves the toes feeling healthy and with a high flow of blood in them.

  1. Always exfoliate

This is getting rid of dry skin patches on the feet and toes. In this case, that which works very well for another person might not work for you, and you are not limited to only foot scrubs. You can invest in a pumice stone or exfoliating cream. When exfoliating, remember that toes also need this done. With care and in this instance, when using a pumice stone, scrub very gently around one toe after the other, and you will observe that there is a little collection of dead skin. When cleaning the toes be very gentle around the nails and don’t go applying a lot of friction on them and the cuticles because you may damage the nail or forcefully pull off skin that could result in pain and a wound, which is the last thing you want in hot weather.

  1. Buff

Dead skin can also be gotten rid of through buffing. This helps to attain soft toes and feet. To buff is to roll the buffing product gently over the affected area. The ultimate desire for buffing is to achieve beautifully soft and luxurious toes.

  1. Moisturize

Your feet should be moisturized every day and specifically every night before one goes to bed. The feet possess the thickest skin on your body; therefore, this calls for a routinely moisturizing that is intense. To achieve well-moisturized feet, invest in good moisturizing foot creams. Your tootsies will be left feeling healthy and soft at the end of it all. When moisturizing avoid doing it in between the toes because it provides a healthy atmosphere for bacterial growth and you don’t want to go nursing toes during summer when you should be rocking those long-awaited summer sandals.

  1. Give the cuticles thorough attention

Your cuticles are very sensitive, if they are roughly handled, the impact may be so painful that it will result in puss accumulation around the toe. It may be damaging because it can weaken the nail or make it fall off. Cuticle cream can be applied two to three weeks before removing them. Push back the cuticles and gently trim the hanging skin with a cuticle clipper. Do not use any other tool like a razor, scalpel or nail cutter to pull away from the extra unwanted hanging skin because they may pull away more than the hanging skin.

  1. Beautify your toes and make them look pretty

There is a glamorous outcome with being experimental and creative with nail polish colors. Sometimes you have to be a risk-taker to pick a color for the toenails that will give you satisfaction, especially when you invest in toe separators and try those coral shades .One step at a time follow the polish application procedure. Do not be scared to try daring styles such that French toe that you often admire because this time it might just work out right for you. Give the polished toes enough time to dry and to avoid smudges by not putting shoes before they are dry.

A tip to ensuring that your toenail polish dries well without little air bubbles is by keeping the pedicured toes in cold water. The water should not be freezing because it may not be very healthy for your toes. Be confident enough to rock your new summer sandals or wedges once you are satisfied that this procedure works out for you.

Image Credits: Juja Han

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