3 Essential Beauty Habits for Healthy, Clear Skin

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If you want to stay healthy and feel an overall sense of well-being, you need to develop healthy habits to achieve your goal. In the same manner, having healthy and clear skin does not just happen. Naturally, young people have supple, glowing, and vibrant skin. However, as one matures in years, the skin becomes less elastic and fine lines start appearing. Since ageing is an inevitable process, make sure that you follow a daily routine of healthy habits to provide your skin with the tender, loving care it requires. Fortunately, no matter the age group you belong to, it’s never too late to develop a good skincare routine to improve your skin’s condition and regain that youthful glow.

An excellent way to start is by sticking to quality products from trusted names such as SkinCeuticals to ensure that you are only using the best for your skin. While you may find many other brands offering skincare products that promise outstanding results, you should constantly be discerning with what you apply to your skin.

Below are healthy habits you can start right now for healthy, clear skin.

Ensure that your skin is clean

One of the essential elements of healthy skin is keeping it clean. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid pollutants, dirt, and dust particles from settling on our skin, whether inside or outside our homes. These particles are in the air and barely visible, and they accumulate without you knowing it. They clog up the pores and can result in various skin conditions. Furthermore, the makeup that you apply each day can also damage your skin if not thoroughly removed before you go to bed. Make it a habit to cleanse your face when you wake up and before sleeping. Also, choose a mild cleanser for this purpose, keeping away from products that contain harsh ingredients that may worsen your skin’s condition.

Moisturise daily

Your skin can develop dryness as you age. Many may forget about this aspect, but your skin needs moisturising to help it stay supple and soft. Additionally, cleansing can somehow deplete some of your skin’s moisture, so make it a point to constantly follow up your cleansing routine with a skin moisturiser suitable for your skin type.

Use a sunscreen

Everyone needs sunlight to stay healthy, but the sun’s UV rays can also be harmful to the skin. Over-exposure to these ultraviolet rays can lead to sunburn, premature ageing, wrinkles, and in severe cases, skin cancer. Thus, it is essential to provide your skin with the protection required to reduce these risks. It is recommended to use sunscreen with an SPF of 30, at the very least, and avoid exposing yourself for long periods under the heat of the sun. It would also help to wear protective gear, such as a sun hat and appropriate clothing should you anticipate being under the sun.

As you maintain these healthy beauty habits, you will notice a significant improvement in your skin.

Image Credits: Anastasia Gepp

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