4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

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You may take extra steps to keep your hair in tiptop condition during the cold winter months, but what about summer? With higher temperatures, UV rays and the effects of salty sea water and pool chemicals, this can all result in damaged hair.

But fear not. Here are 4 tips to make sure your hair stays glossy and radiant this summer.

Protect from Heat and UV

You protect your skin from the sun, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your hair? In addition to using sunscreen on your face and body, spray your hair with UV and heat products.

This is important as UV rays can damage your hair and change its tone – a nightmare if you’ve paid a fortune for a color! The heat can also leave your hair feeling dry and damaged. To help, look sprays that protect your hair and keep it shiny.

If you do manage to damage your hair in the sun or get sunburn on your scalp, aloe vera gel in your hair is very soothing and nourishing.

Take Care in the Pool

Pools are full of chemicals, including chlorine. This can dry your hair out, resulting in brittle hair and leading to breakages. To prevent this, there are a couple of things you can do.

Firstly, always rinse your hair before going into the pool. Why? Wet hair absorbs fewer chemicals, helping to reduce the effects. Secondly, rinse again after exiting to remove any of these nasty chemicals and minimize damage.

Shampooing and Styling

In the heat, you may sweat more and feel the need to shampoo your hair more frequently. While humid or warm conditions can lead to frizzy or unruly hair, meaning for many of us, styling is a must.

However, over shampooing and styling can take its toll, causing your hair to become weak. To solve this, try to wash less often (every other day or less, where possible), and aim to limit how often you use a hair dryer or straighteners.

Use the Sun to Condition

While the sun can have harmful effects on your hair, there are also ways you can use the heat to your advantage. How? By utilizing the warmth to maximize the power of your conditioning treatment.

Buy in bulk from the likes of Capital Hair and Beauty, and apply regularly. Then lounge in the sun for softer, smoother and more hydrated hair.

The summer time is amazing, with warmer temperatures allowing you to spend more time outside. However, to make sure your hair doesn’t pay the price, use these tips to keep it lustrous and luscious.

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