5 Best Surfing Destinations in the USA every Surfer needs to Visit

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Surfing is a favorite past time for many people around the world, and the USA is a hot destination for surfers. It is a relaxing sport for people, and surfers are always on the lookout for the best spots to display their skills. The US is home to some of the world’s best surfing spots, and this makes the country a haven for surfers around the world. We will be discussing the 5 best locations every surfer must visit in the USA. 

Oceanside Beach

Oceanside beach is one of the most viable beaches for surfing. It is located in San Diego (known as the mecca of surf culture) and offers good breaks for both beginners and advanced surfers alike. Oceandrive beach has numerous designated surf areas where newbies can surf with pros all in a fun and non-judgemental environment. The beach hosts two surf shops in case suffers need to get some gear, and there are available surf guides who help visitors leave the basics they will need while on the water. With its surf shop, designated areas, and surf guides, Oceandrive is as friendly as it can get for surfers.


Rincon provides visitors with endless surfing opportunities. The perfect waves and gorgeous shoreline makes this place a haven for beginner, intermediate, and professional surfers. There are various shoreline and surf conditions on the beach, so as you get better, you can begin to move to harder waves to ride. If you cannot speak Spanish, there are bilingual tour guides who will help you through the surf towns in the area for a fee. There are also surf shops and surf retreat centers where surfers can relax, learn, and improve their technique.

Ho’okipa Beach

Maui Island is the complete package for surfers. The beach is located on the North Shore of Maui, and it covers a stretch of white sands and clean breaks. The water gets tough sometimes, and this makes it harder to navigate by beginners. The beach waves are friendlier to intermediate and advanced surfers, and it is a great place to mingle and meet with other surfers. Surfers need to be careful of the rocky bottom because when the waves become rougher, they hide the sea bed.

Ho’okipa Beach is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing if you are into it. Maui’s Island is deeply rooted in surf culture. There are surf rentals, surf schools, and other surf-friendly establishments littering the Island. The waves may not be friendly for beginners, but it is the place if you want to learn.

Playa Hermosa

The beach is a year-round surfer haven, and it is located on the Pacific Ocean south of Jaco. Playa Hermosa is known for its fast, choppy breaks, which make it more suitable for professional surfers. Beginners might find the waves more frustrating to navigate or might get into trouble while attempting to do so. If you want to ride the biggest waves this beach has to offer; you will have to visit during summer when the waves reach all-time highs. Playa Hermosa is a spot for many surfers, so you will be able to make connections and acquaintances with other surfers in the community. This beach has everything, surf, people, and it is a great space to chill. It is a surfer haven through and through.

Ghost Tree, Pebble Beach

Ghost Tree has breaks that reach under 80 feet but are not consistent. The cold water, large shoreline boulders, rocky water bed, and great white sharks make Ghost Tree an insane surfing spot. It produces one of the most difficult waves to navigate, and it is not for the faint-hearted or newbies. You could be on your board riding gently rising water and be battling nasty waves at the snap of a finger. We do not advise inexperienced surfers to head to this beach as there are friendlier waters on this list they can safely navigate. In summary, Ghost Tree will pose an insane challenge for surfers seeking an adventure.

If you want to enjoy the surf beaches of the US but are coming from a visa-free country, you will need to file an ESTA application. The ESTA is used by the government to keep track of individuals who are coming into the country from visa-exempt areas. The application can be filled online, and applicants will get feedback in 72 hours(fees will be paid at the time of submission). If no response is received within the time frame, you can perform an ESTA USA check on the website to ensure you have filled the form correctly. We advise that you take all the necessary steps before traveling to the US as individuals with incomplete papers will have problems with the law.

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