5 Changes That Will Instantly Make Your Home Functional and Modern

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Are you bored with the way your house looks? If you’re looking to renovate, remodel, or furnish your house, you can use this opportunity to make it not only more functional but more modern too. There are many creative ways how you can use the space in your home, and if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We give you a list of five things you can change around the house to enhance the space:

Regular doors are history

Japan has been using this trick for centuries now, but the rest of the world is just learning about it. Why don’t you get rid of the regular doors in your home? You can take a leaf out of Japan’s book and install sliding doors which you can keep open most of the time. On the other hand, retractable doors are also handy if you live in a small apartment, and you need to create an illusion of bigger space. If you’re struggling with free space, you can also choose to install doors with casters that will go into the wall. All of these are comfortable for use, so even little children can open the door effortlessly.

Create more space in the bedroom

If you feel like you could use a bit more space in the bedroom, you can bring in some armoires and storage benches to help you store some of the things out of sight. Your children’s room should have boxes where they can keep their toys when they’re not playing with them. You can install wheels on boxes or drawers and use them to keep the things you don’t use at the moment under your bed, such as the clothes for the following season or spare bedsheets.

Bright and airy home

Wall mount your TV

In Australia, it’s virtually impossible to find a flat-screen TV that isn’t designed to be wall-mounted. This means that pretty much any TV you buy will have pre-made holes in the back that are made so that you can attach mounts and brackets. This is one of the reasons why companies for TV wall mounting in Adelaide are easy to find – people want to keep their TVs on the walls and use the space in their living rooms in a better way. Because such a TV is so thin, it hardly sticks out when you mount it, and you don’t have to worry that you’ll knock it off accidentally.

Get your hands on multifunctional furniture

Sometimes you can’t “create” more space, but you can make your home more functional by picking the right furniture. There are armchairs that double as small shelves where you can keep your books and trinkets, coffee tables with hidden drawers for tissues, snacks, and remote control, and footstools that you can open up and put cushions and blankets in. You could also add a state-of-the-art functional workstation to your study and save a lot of space. Pick a workstation that has a hutch and plenty of shelves and drawers for storage.

Experiment in the kitchen

You can maximize opportunities in your kitchen simply by adding new furniture that will give you more storage options. You can install narrow drawers and high shelves or even hutches, which will all save a lot of space, and you could also keep the dishes in china shelves.

While your head might be brimming with ideas, you should be careful and set the budget first. You don’t want to start chasing your dreams only to realize you’ve spent more money than you planned in the beginning and you haven’t completed anything. Set the budget, make a plan, and start looking for furniture and materials that will help you make your home functional and modern.

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