5 Essential Tips on How to Care for Your Sealy Mattress

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A mattress is one of the significant investments in life. It can affect a sleeper’s sleep, energy levels during the day and general health and well-being. Sadly, many people underestimate their mattress’ value. Amongst a plethora of mattresses brands in the market, Sealy is probably one of the most common brands you see in most mattress shops and warehouse outlets.

While Sealy mattresses are known for their great quality, it does not mean that they can stand the test of time, especially without proper care. To ensure your Sealy mattress retains its function as intended for years to come, you should learn how to care for it appropriately. Here are five critical tips on how to properly care for your Sealy mattress.

Tip #1: Clean the mattress regularly

Accidents occur, and objects naturally become filthy over time. While it is easy to throw the sheets in a washing machine, the mattress is a different story. Due to its components and size, cleaning a mattress can be quite challenging, especially for first-timers.

One major problem with mattress hygiene is dust mites. Since most people spend around eight hours in bed every night, they will shed some dead skin cells. Since dust mites feed on these skin cells, they are attracted to the mattress. The mites can cause allergies when people inhale their droppings and proteins.

One simple yet effective method to remove the dust mites is by using a vacuum which is attached to a hose. Bed owners should adjust the vacuum’s suction level to low to prevent damaging or stretching the mattress surface’s fabric. Periodically, they should also wash all of their bedding and vacuum their mattress at the same time. This routine would help keep their sleeping environment free from allergens.

If there is a spill or stain on the mattress, bed owners can use a bar of mild soap and cold water to clean the specific area. Gently apply the soap and water and make sure the water does not soak into the mattress. Stay away from dry-cleaning agents when cleaning the mattress since these chemicals may damage the mattress’ materials.

Tip #2: Protect the mattress

Use a mattress protector to protect the Sealy mattress. The mattress protector is a thin covering without any filling. It is waterproof, has cooling properties and helps shield the mattress against dirt, bed bugs and allergen.

Apart from a mattress protector, mattress owners can purchase waterproof pads and toppings. These products protect the mattress and boost the comfort level.

Tip #3: Rotate the mattress

Generally, the mattress has many layers of foam and padding to provide enough comfort. A body signature will begin to form in the area of the mattress where the sleeper lay down. To avoid these impressions from forming too fast, many people rotate or flip their mattress.

Since all Sealy mattresses are no-flip mattresses, bed owners have to rotate them to maintain even wear. They do so by turning the bed 180 degrees anticlockwise and then realign it with the foundation. Rotating the bed once around every three months should suffice.

Tip #4: When moving the mattress, handle it with care

Bed owners should never try to move their mattress alone and carelessly since improper handling may damage it. At least two people should move the mattress. Moreover, they should always carry the mattress on its side. While the mattress can flex, it cannot bend too much as this will damage the innerspring.

Also, please avoid using the handles when carrying the mattress as they are not made for carrying. Instead, they are created to help the bed owners position the mattress once it is set on the foundation or rotate the bed.

Tip #5: Install the appropriate bed base

Bed owners need to give their Sealy mattress the support it needs with a solid foundation to keep it in good shape. Hence, when purchasing a new mattress, it would be best also to buy a new bed base.


Sealy is a well-recognised brand that provides a good quality mattress tested for comfort. To ensure your Sealy mattress will give you years of comfortable rest, be sure to follow these tips.

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