5 Great Business Franchise Opportunities to Consider

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If you have had enough of working for someone else and would like to be your own boss, unless you already have a fantastic business idea, you are probably better off with a franchise. Why is that? You might ask, well, with a franchise, all the hard work has been done and when you but into a well-known brand, you have a winning formula behind you in the shape of a parent company that has all the solutions. Success is pretty much guaranteed when you forge an alliance with a leading provider of a service that is very much in demand and here are a few great examples of businesses that offer franchise opportunities.

  1. Drain Cleaning Service – Wherever you happen to live in Australia, there will come a day when you experience a blocked drain and with a Google search, you can easily find a national drain cleaning service that is offering franchise opportunities. They train you and provide all the equipment you need, including a fully equipped mobile unit, plus they train you for every aspect of running the business. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this would make for a great business that you can build upon and gain a great reputation with your local community.
  2. Gym Franchise – There’s a great gym franchise for sale in Melbourne from a leading provider and with their expertise and your drive and motivation, success is assured. Why not ride the current fitness wave and be part of a winning team? The first step is to make contact vie their website and arrange an appointment to visit one of their gyms and find out more about the package.
  3. Car Body Repairs – State of the art tech enables a technician to repair a ding without respraying and people much prefer a repair outfit that comes to the customer with a mobile unit. The profit margins are very high and there will always be a strong demand for this mobile service, so you are assured a rosy future. How does it work? The customer takes a photo of the damaged bodywork and you quote based on that and when all is agreed, you book in the job and off you go! Click here for tips for the budding entrepreneur.
  4. Carpet Cleaning – The latest generation of deep carpet cleaning machines are incredible and you can offer other services such as upholstery cleaning and solid floor polishing. The franchiser handles all your marketing and they have already refined the business processes and made the mistakes that are necessary to find a winning formula. Simply put, all the hard work has already been done when you invest in a business franchise; all you need to bring to the table is the desire and determination to be successful. Search with Google to find a national company that is well-established and they would probably have a franchise program, whereby you get an exclusive area to service.
  5. Fast Food – We all know just how popular fast food has become and many of the big chains offer franchises. Their good reputation and a unique menu are what you are buying when you take on a fast food franchise; simply follow their instructions, use their ingredients, wear their uniforms and decorate your venue to their specs. They even provide the napkins and will train you and your staff; oh, and they will be with you every step of the way.

Why are franchises so popular? One reason is that the formula is already proven and with a franchise, you are simply repeating the same process in a different geographical region. The other reason is that the franchiser is as motivated as the franchisee, which is a win-win scenario and they offer 100% support that ensures success. Here is some Australian government information on franchising, which you should read if you are thinking of making the investment.

If you can afford the investment and are determined to build a local reputation, franchising is most definitely the way to go and there are many opportunities out there. Take your time when looking at franchises, there are many aspects you need to consider and once you make up your mind on a sector, search for mother companies that offer local franchises.

Image Credits: John Arano

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