5 Important SEO Tasks in Order of Priority

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When carrying out an SEO project, there are some tasks that you have to prioritize. You have to consider the on-site and off-site factors that are most important. However, most people encounter problems while trying to figure out the SEO tasks that are absolutely necessary. You have to ensure that you follow them so that your site can attain high rankings on Google. To see your site’s rankings, you can use tools such as serpbook.com. You need to know that SEO can be a complicated field that is constantly updated. Therefore, it is imperative to cover a wide array of factors if you want your site to rank highly.

This article will list five essential SEO tasks in order of priority:

1. Content quality

One of the most important of Google’s ranking factors is content quality. You need to make sure that your website doesn’t have duplicate content because it is one of the things that could easily compromise your website. Google bots look for quality and relevant content, and if you don’t prioritize on quality content, your site will hardly get good visibility. That notwithstanding, duplicate content appears as spam to the users who manage to access your site. Quality content is imperative because it answers the questions that your visitors are searching for. It is your duty to create content that outdoes what is working well for your targeted queries and optimize accordingly.

2. Keyword research

If you don’t know much about SEO, one of the things that you have to prioritize are keywords. You have to have a clear grasp of the keywords that you want to target, as well as those that are most relevant. Keywords also heavily influence content creation as well as linking. That is why keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy. When you conduct adequate research, you will figure out the keywords and key phrases that your targeted audience is looking for. You need to figure out when and what questions they are asking, and tune your keywords accordingly. Interestingly, there is a myriad of tools that could help you find out the most relevant keywords in your field, as well as those that rank highly. Having the right keywords in place will help you create high-quality and relevant content that your targeted audience is looking for.

3. Set up backlinks

Backlinks are those links that are present on your website, and you should ensure that you have them in your site. They contribute a lot in Google rankings. However, you should not settle for any backlinks, only have high-quality backlinks in your site. There are SEO experts who use toxic backlinks in your site to boost your traffic, but their glory is short-lived. Toxic backlinks could see you rank lower in search engines. As a result, you should monitor your backlinks every now and then to ensure that your site only has great backlinks. Moreover, you can network with other websites that are similar to yours to help you get high-quality backlinks. You might be amazed by the benefits that quality backlinks have on your rankings.

4. Mobile optimization

Google found out that more searches today are done on mobile devices as compared to desktop computers. Consequently, websites that are not optimized for mobile devices have relatively lower SERP rankings. Google has created the initiative of mobile-first indexing; therefore, when you are creating an SEO strategy for your website, ensure that it is mobile compatible. Moreover, your site should not only be optimized for mobile devices but it should also provide a great mobile experience.

5. Create excellent title tags and Meta descriptions

Another SEO task that you should prioritize is creating compelling Meta descriptions and title tags alike. Even if you rank on the first page of a search engine, your site could mean nothing if nobody clicked on it. This is where building strategic snippets come into play. You could research on other SERP snippets on your page and use them to make compelling title tags and Meta tags. The snippet is an essential part of your SEO strategy because it determines how your site will appear in the search results. Ultimately, the way your site appears on a search engine’s results influences whether users will want to click on your site or not. You should optimize the snippet by using relevant keyword phrases that people would like to see.


The SEO strategy that you implement on your site greatly determines how it will rank on search engines. There are numerous tasks that you could put in place to optimize your site, but the five mentioned in this article are some of the best and most important tasks. You should consider them if you are looking to improve your site’s performance in the short- and long-term basis.

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