Make Your Life Accessible: 4 Functions from PDFBear to Cater Your PDF Needs

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It is a fact that PDFBear is the best in terms of handling or managing PDF files. This online-based software allows every individual to utilize its services for free. You can do many things with PDFs when using this tool; you can convert, compress, split, merge, and even protect your files without any difficulty.

Aside from its straightforward interface, PDFBear’s tools only need a few clicks, which is advantageous for all users. Here are some of PDFBear’s services and tools that can help you with PDF files.

PDF Editor

This first handy function that anyone can use is the PDF editor. Users can use this PDFBear feature to edit PDF documents without bumping into problems. The PDF editor tool authorizes people to modify their PDF documents instantly in just a few clicks. They can add drawings, photos, lines, and text without having to spend. Users are also able to highlight important words in paragraphs. If you want to adjust your existing PDF’s content, you should start utilizing this fantastic PDFBear function!

There are plenty of other features, such as the compressor, converter, unlock and protect PDF, etc. Every process is easy, and PDFBear will provide you with instructions that you can easily follow. There’s no need for you to download and install any apps to edit your documents. Here are the easy steps on how to edit your PDFs:

  1. Get your PDF file from any of your devices and upload it.
  2. After the upload process, you can start drawing and adding words or shapes, and highlight any paragraph.
  3. Press the “Apply” button to start applying the changes.
  4. PDFBear will redirect users to the Download section, where they can save the newly-edited document.

Merge PDF

Combining various PDF files will not be a big problem since PDFBear provides a merging tool that makes life easier. This function will combine your files effortlessly in a matter of seconds. Even if you have lots of different PDF files, PDFBear can handle it. And although the files are merged into one, it will not compromise the quality of all the files. Follow these easy steps to merge PDF files:

  1. Choose the PDF files that you wish to combine, and it will upload them.
  2. Let the combiner of PDFBear start the merging process.
  3. After the procedure, modify the files first before you click the “Merge PDF!” button.
  4. Wait for a while, and your PDF will be available to download and share.


Some people want their PDF files to turn into an image format so that unauthorized persons can’t easily access them. PDFBear has a conversion feature which allows you to convert any known file format to PDF or from PDF.  The PDF to PNG tool will help you convert your PDFs to PNG quickly.

You can convert your files on platforms like Mac, Windows, or Linux without hassle. The conversion tool will automatically detect the highest quality available so that your file will retain its quality. Here are the steps to follow when converting PDF files:

  1. Choose the PDF file from your device and upload it to the server.
  2. It will automatically detect your file and scan it.
  3. Wait for the conversion process to begin converting the file to PNG.
  4. After that, the file is ready to download, and you can further edit the file if you want.

Unlock PDF

Protected PDF files are challenging to handle for many people. But PDFBear can remove a PDF’s password and unlock it easily. If you are an average PDF user, you might not easily be able to remove your protected documents’ passwords. PDFBear has a function that can easily remove the passwords in seconds. Start decrypting your file in less than one minute using this tool. From the upload to downloading the unlocked file, everything is made simple. Here’s to unlock your PDF files:

  1. Click the “Choose Files” button or drag the file to the tool.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Select the “Unlock PDF” button.
  4. PDFBear will start decrypting your data, and you can download it in seconds.


Using this online software will help you with every PDF file, especially if you encounter them daily.  Aside from all of its unique tools, the security of your files is in great hands. The server of this online software will instantly delete the user files after 60 minutes. PDFBear will save the day.

Image Credits: Marcus Aurelius

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