5 Reasons for Hair Loss You Need to Know

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Hair loss is a common problem for many people and is the result of many factors. It is worrying and disturbing because it normally affects your lifestyle and pushes many people to cover their heads with hats, scarves, and wigs.

Hair loss can happen to any part of your body but it is most common on the head. It can be temporary, due to various treatments and other issues or it can be permanent if it is hereditary hair loss. Read on to discover the most common causes of hair loss:


Aging is among the most common hair loss causes in many adults. As you age, there comes a point where your hair follicles no longer grow which leads to the thinning of the hair on your scalp. Your hair also starts to lose its color, and that’s when grey hair comes in. More so, a woman’s hairline may recede naturally. However, early treatment can help in re-growing the hair.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment leads to hair loss in many cancer patients. When you start chemotherapy or radiation treatment on your neck or head, you lose most of your hair in a few weeks. But after the treatment, the hair can regrow slowly, but your doctors can give you some medication for hair growth. This helps in boosting the hair regrowth process so you can have your hair back in a few weeks.

Stress, Child Birth, and Other Illnesses

A few months after recovering from an illness, an operation, or giving birth, you are likely to see a lot of hair in your brush as you comb your hair. You may also notice hair on your pillow after waking up in the morning.

On the other hand, hair loss can also be the result of stressful situations in your life, like the loss of a loved one or divorce, among others. However, when the situation improves over time, your hair regrows slowly, but you can embrace The Hairy Pill for fast results.

Hereditary Hair Loss

This is the most common cause of hair loss worldwide and it happens in both men and women. It is called a male-pattern hair loss in men and a female-pattern hair loss in women. Its medical term is androgenic alopecia. It means you have inherited genes responsible for the shrinking of your hair follicles which stops your hair from growing. The first sign in women is overall thinning, and in men, it is a receding hairline. This condition can also be treated and you can regain your hair back in a few weeks.

Hair Care

Some hair care practices can damage your hair and lead to hair loss over time. Relaxing, perming, and the coloring of your hair can all damage your hair. They can create permanent bald spots on your head as they have dangerous chemicals that damage your hair follicles in a way that can’t support hair growth.

Regrow Your Hair

Don’t suffer from consistent hair loss, embrace The Hairy Pill and have your hair regrowth in a few weeks’ time.

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