5 Things Customers Hate

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If you want to be successful in business, no matter what sector you are operating in, you need to ensure that your customers are kept happy.

Unhappy customers don’t stick around. They leave bad reviews. They won’t recommend you. They are bad for business, and that is why you need to avoid doing things they hate.

With that in mind let’s look at some really common business issues that customers hate the most so that you can hopefully avoid falling into the trap and making your customers mad.

Not be able to get access to you

If your website or your phone line is down and your customers have no way of getting in touch with your when they need to, or they are unable to buy your products and use your services, they will not be happy. That is why it is worth investing in good IT Support Exeter services and reliable staff to keep things up and running come what may. You really don’t want to annoy your customers in this way.

Breaking promises

If you promise your customers something, then you need to deliver or they will not be happy. Customers do not like to be lied to or misled and they will not take such a thing lying down. So, if you say you will finish a job in a certain time or give them a free gift for buying in advance, for example, make sure you do it!

Being made to wait

Customers hate being made to wait, whether it is waiting to speak to a customer service agent or waiting for their package to arrive. Do everything you can to keep interactions with customers short and sweet and you will probably be able to keep them sweet too.

Not dealing with repeat issues

Most customers will be understanding if they hit upon a problem once when they are interacting with your business, but if they bring it to your attention, and the next time they interact with you, the problem is still happening, they will not be impressed, to say the least.

If customers complain to you or point out issues and errors, and those complaints are fair and true, you need to work really hard to rectify them as soon as possible because customers will not give you the benefit of the doubt forever.

A lack of empathy

One thing that customers really hate, more than almost anything is when a business and its employees do not have any empathy for their situation. If they call you to report a problem with a product they have bought for you and you fail to show them sympathy or listen to their problem and do your best to resolve it, they will be angry and upset and you will not get their repeat business unless you are very lucky.

Keep your customers onside by avoiding these errors and they will have no reason to be annoyed or unhappy with you, and every reason to sing your praises.


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