5 Tips for Making Your At-Home Workspace More Comfortable

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While your at-home workspace should be a place where you can concentrate on your work, it should also be somewhere you feel comfortable. Working from home can be hard, but by making your home office a comfortable space, you’ll feel more productive. Read on for five tips for making your at-home workspace more comfortable.

Make It Your Own

There’s nothing worse than working from a clinical space that is devoid of inspiration. You need to make your workspace a place that you feel happy to work by making it your own. Put some framed photos of your family on your desk and put some pictures and art up on the walls. Decorate it to make it more welcoming and to boost your mood, but try not to make the décor too distracting. For a more personal touch, try adding an essential oil diffuser or some potpourri. You could look up Tampa moving companies to get any office supplies you have out of storage.

Get Organised

Having a well organised workspace can make you more productive and will reduce your stress levels. Even cable management can make your space feel more inviting. You should make sure your office set up and that you have everything you need, including downloading any software you’ll need or looking up “Ignite Digital SEO services Mississauga” to handle your search engine optimisation. While most people’s work is digital, it important that you have a proper filing system for any paperwork you have. Keep your workspace clean and tidy – there’s nothing worse than having to go through the stacks of clutter at the end of every week.


Your office needs to be efficiently lit to eliminate eye strain. Make use of natural lighting while you can by keeping the blinds open to let the natural light shine into the office during the day. For evenings and early mornings, you should have a range of lighting options. As well as ceiling lights, you should consider getting a desk lamp and bias lighting. Another thing you can do to improve the lighting in a room is to get smart bulbs so you can automate the lighting and adjust it as you see fit. Being able to have the perfect lighting can instantly make you feel more comfortable in your at-home office.


Your wellbeing is important and ergonomics can help with that. You need to make sure that you can work comfortably in your office and maintain good posture. Instead of choosing a plain plastic chair, choose one with adjustable height, lumbar support, a headrest, and armrests for support. If necessary, get yourself a footrest. Your monitor should be at eye-level and your desk should be at just the right height so that you don’t have to reach up or bend down.

Temperature Control

You’d be surprised at the difference a few degrees can make. The slightest change in temperature can make you feel uncomfortable. If you have central heating, keep your thermostat set at 18°C. During changes in weather, you should have a portable air conditioner or a fan heater for the office. When it gets warmer, keep the windows open and you should keep hold of blankets and jumpers for cold weather. Make sure you have the best heat tape for pipes so they don’t freeze when it gets colder.

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