3 Tips for a Better Experience When Spending Long Stretches of Time in Front of the Computer

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For better or for worse, huge numbers of people these days find themselves spending enormous stretches of time in front of the computer on a daily basis, both for work, and also for entertainment and recreation.

While there are all sorts of great benefits to our computers and the other digital devices we use, not to mention the Internet, it can also be pretty unhealthy and stressful to spend ages sitting down and staring at a screen.

Here are just a few tips that you can try out that might help to lead to a better experience when spending long stretches of time in front of the computer, particularly when you are working, or are trying to make headway on a big project.

Look into ergonomic office furniture

What is ergonomics, you might ask?

Well, there’s quite a bit to be said on the topic, but the long story short is that ergonomic furniture, gadgets, and tools are all designed to work with your body rather than against it, and to help ensure good posture and reduced physical strain and irritation, in a broad range of different ways.

By looking into ergonomic office furniture – and observing certain ergonomic best practices, such as making sure that your computer’s monitor is at the right level of elevation – you can make your time spent in front of the computer a lot more pleasant, and a lot less likely to lead to things like chronic back pain, eyestrain, sore wrists, or any number of other issues.

A significant amount of the negative health effects that can come from sitting in front of a computer for an extended period of time have to do with issues relating to bad posture and different types of physical strain. Ergonomic office equipment can significantly help to mitigate this.

Try out a standing desk

In recent times, standing desks have become quite prominent, and have ebbed and flowed in popularity several times.

While it’s likely not to be very good for you to spend all day on your feet, researchers have found that spending too much of your time sitting down is likely very unhealthy in and of itself.

Standing desks – particularly adjustable standing desks – can help to provide a good amount of balance here, by giving you the ability to work on your feet for part of the day, and to work seated for other parts of the day.

In addition to the health benefits of moving around regularly throughout the day, standing desks can also help you to feel more energised, alert, and creative – as they give you the ability to physically move around and to get your blood flowing a bit.

Use the Pomodoro method, and take regular small breaks

Instead of trying to work for hours straight in one major undisturbed stretch, using systems like the Pomodoro method in order to break up your productive sessions and intersperse them with short rest periods, can help to keep your motivation high, can make you more focused during the period when you are working, and can help you to rest and reset on a regular basis.

During your short breaks, you could also stroll around the room, look out the window, or listen to music to re-energise yourself.

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