5 Tips to Make Moving Home Easier for Your Family

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Moving can be a stressful experience for any family, especially when there are a million things to do and everyone’s rushing to pack their belongings. To make the move easier on your family, follow these five tips.

Organise Everything

Keeping organised is essential when moving to a new home. Before you start packing, declutter every room and get rid of all the rubbish, then give it a thorough cleaning, but If you’re finding it difficult to squeeze in cleaning time, consider reaching out to a professional, such as Eloise’s Cleaning Service. Buy extra packaging materials, getting more than you think you’ll need. Label the boxes clearly so you won’t have a tough time unpacking. Pack the things in each room separately so you can put each box in the room in which it belongs for convenient unpacking. You should also consider writing an inventory of the things you pack so that you can make sure you haven’t misplaced anything later on.

Book a Moving Company in Advance

Contact several moving companies to find out what services they offer before settling on one. If you live in San Antonio, it shouldn’t be hard to find a local San Antonio moving company, if you live in Orange County, simply search for “Orange County movers” online. When you contact the moving companies, be sure to ask them about the overall cost and any additional fees they may charge. You should also ask if they have liability insurance, so that you’re covered if your belongings are lost or stolen. Ask if they will move heavy times and if they will disassemble them and pack them, and whether they will unpack and reassemble them at the new house. By booking a moving company early, you won’t have to worry about having limited options if you book at the last minute.

Keep Essentials Handy

Instead of packing everything away, set aside a bag or a box in which you can keep all your essentials. Keep it in the car with you so that you’ll have it at hand when you need it. In your essentials box, you can keep your important documents, phone chargers, electronics, medications, toiletries (including toilet roll) and a spare change of clothes.

Eat Something

Another thing that will make moving easier is meal prepping. Since you’ll have all your pots and pans packed away, you should cook some food in advance and keep it in containers. This way you’ll have something to eat the night before you leave and some food to take with you on the ride to the new house. Pack a few snacks and treats too; you’ll feel grumpier if you haven’t eaten all day, especially after a long journey. You should make sure you have a few bottles of water handy, and maybe even bring a flask of coffee too.

Meet the Neighbours

Make an effort to get to know your neighbours. After all, these are going to be the people you’ll see every day and who you may need to call on one day to do you a favour. Plus, it’s always good to have friends in a strange neighbourhood who can tell you all about the area. Getting to know the neighbours also means your children will make friends quicker. If you don’t get the chance to meet your neighbours straight away, nod and smile at them when they walk past to let them know you’re friendly. You could also have a housewarming party. Check out this website for some helpful tips.

If you follow these tips, then your move will be quick and easy. If you’re preparing to move, but are struggling to sell your old home, click here for some useful tips.

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