6 Hacks for Boosting Workout Endurance

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When we first get into exercise, the goal is often to simply complete the distance or class. Then, over time, our goals change. We want to hit targets, beat our times, go further and faster and build strength. To do this, we need to build stamina and endurance.

Unfortunately, this takes time. When you are eager to see wins, and for your body to change, you might be impatient. The good news is, there are plenty of ways that you can boost endurance more quickly. Here’s a look at 6 hacks to help.

Get a Health MOT

There’s a difference between wanting to push yourself harder and genuinely struggling with your endurance. Endurance is something that we have to work at, and for many of us, the barriers that we face are mental as well as physical. But, sometimes, it’s more than pushing through the wall or increasing the strength that you need to go further, faster or heavier.

If you are doing everything that you should be, but your body isn’t responding, or perhaps you feel as though your endurance levels and fitness are actually starting to decrease, there may be an underlying cause. Getting a health MOT from your doctor can rule out any issues that might be holding you back. A common problem with people that exercise a lot is hormone imbalance. You might want to look at how to get testosterone online, but you’ll still need to get a prescription from your doctor.

Combine Strength and Cardio

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when looking to build cardiovascular fitness and increase endurance, is sticking to cardio exercise. They want to run further and faster, so they run more often. This can be a mistake. One of the best ways to increase endurance more quickly is by practicing strength training as well as cardio exercise.

Add strength training to your routine and gradually reduce the rest time between sets. Try fast-paced, high-intensity lifting, and explosive movements such as burpees and box jumps in between weights to really push yourself harder.

Focus on Compound Movements

Compound movements are exercises that use more than one joint. Instead of focusing on a specific muscle, they use a group or more than one group. Exercises like squats, step-ups, pull-ups, and mountain climbers are compound exercises that will help you to get more out of even a short workout.

Mix it Up to Shock Your Muscles

Our muscles get used to things. If you stick to a routine, even one that incorporates a variety of cardio and strength and works all of your muscle groups, your body will get used to it. It will know how hard it has to work, and even if you try to push, your muscles will be ready.

Shock your muscles by mixing it up and avoiding routines. Vary your workouts, adding totally different exercises to use your muscles in new and different ways. This kind of muscle shock improves overall fitness, endurance, and strength more quickly than sticking to a workout.

Try Active Recovery

Recovery is essential to good health, strength, and fitness. Without rest, you are more likely to get injured or hit a wall with your training. But rest doesn’t mean that you must take entire days off. Try active recovery such as long walks, gentle swims, yoga to stretch out, and even very gentle recovery runs.

Have Some Fun

Putting too much pressure on yourself to make improvements and hit goals can have an adverse effect. If you push too hard, you’ll get injured, you might struggle psychologically, and you could start to resent exercise. Exercise should be enjoyable. If it’s not, try something different. Dance around the kitchen, go for hikes with friends, try alternative and fun exercise classes. Remember, when it comes to your fitness, there are no rules.

Even with these tips, building endurance never happens overnight. You’ll need to work for it. Mixing things up won’t just shock your body, it will also keep you interested. Vary your routines, try new things, and you’ll soon start to see gains.

Image Credits: Jonathan Chng

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