7 Marketing Tactics to Consider For Acquiring More Customers

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Regardless if you spend an abundance of your time into developing a great idea for your product/service, your ability to grow your business by acquiring and retaining clients all come down to one thing – your ability to develop and implement marketing strategies that focus on acquiring new clientele. This in itself may sound simple at first glance.

However, due to an abundance of competition as well as over-saturation, acquiring new clients can prove to be particularly difficult. In the same breath it is worth noting that if you do implement several marketing tactics whose primary goal is to acquire new customers, this will lead to explosive growth in your customer base and an increase in revenue. In this review we’ll take a look at 7 ways on how you can do just that.

1) Focus On Unopened Emails

Many people are aware of the fact that you can acquire new customers by building an email list. However, building a list alone shouldn’t be your primary focus. One of the ways you can make the most out of your list is to target individuals who do not open their emails. This in itself can prove to be much easier than the concept of acquiring new subscribers to your list.

One of the ways you can do this is to send an email out to your list, and use your email marketing software to check who did not open the email, 48 hours after you have sent out said email. After which, you should focus on creating a new email with the same message, but a completely different subject to raise the chances that it will be opened the second time around. This tactic can lead to an increase of 30% as far as your click through rate goes.

2) Benefits Over Features

Another tactic that’s worth noting is to focus on the benefits your potential customer will receive more so than the features of your product or service. The reason being is that while listing numerous features of your product or service will help you to get more clients, you shouldn’t overlook the concept of customer experience as a whole.

This is due to the fact that the features you list may be the same as all of your competitors. However, by focusing on the benefits or in other-words reasons why a potential client should choose your company over another company, you will be setting yourself apart from the competition, which is important in a world of saturation.

3) Be Active On Social Media

Regardless of how small or large your company is, or the type of product or service you offer, if you do not have an active social media presence, you are essentially failing to take advantage of a large market that some of your competitors are. Here are some statistics to consider when it comes to why you should establish a social media presence:

  • The average internet user has 4 social media accounts.
  • 97% of adults worldwide long into one of several social networks at least once per month.
  • Internet users spend 30% of their online time on a social media network.

4) Deals And Discounts

People love the idea of getting a valuable product or service at a discounted rate. Subconsciously, people are drawn towards something that they think is limited and exclusive such as a time restricted discount. In some instances this can draw them in to purchase a product or service they wouldn’t have otherwise, if it weren’t for a time limited offer.

5) Focus On Organic Traffic Which Feature High Commercial Intent

Organic traffic which consists of visitors with high commercial intent can be best described as being visitors who are actively looking for something to purchase. This is regarded as being the most valuable form of traffic that you can get. This is why keywords with the phrase “buy”, or “purchase” after said word, have the highest CPC in any given search engine’s advertising platform. As such, one way you can increase your revenue is not only to utilize search engine optimization, but to focus your efforts on ranking for keywords that indicate a buyer’s intent.

6) Establish A Referral Systems

One of the easiest ways you can attract new clients is to use your existing customers. Rather than rely on word of mouth, you can establish a referral program to encourage them to spread the word about your company. Regardless if it’s a monetary reward, credit or physical gift, a referral system will give your existing customers a reason to bring in clientele for your business.

7) Content Marketing

The foundation of advertising is the quality of content that you produce. This is why major advertisers spend millions of dollars into creating an ad that only last 10 – 30 seconds. This is because once you create good content, there are a variety of ways in which you can promote it. Other than the flexibility that this type of marketing tactic allows, statistics indicate that it cost 60% less to produce and can acquire 3 times more leads than other marketing tactics.

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