7 Struggles of iPhone Users No One Will Ever Tell You

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It’s normal for smartphones and other mobile devices to have some issues. Some problems are factory defects. Others are damages that take place in the course of using them. However, there are some issues that may not be considered factory defects nor damages. Some issues just seem to be inherent in a particular brand.

If you are an iPhone user, you might have noticed some inconveniences. In extreme cases, it is recommended you have your iPhone checked by technicians, or go to a place like NT phone repairs where iPhones and even Android phones are fixed. However, it is best you are aware of the issues and inconveniences that iPhone user’s experience.

Here are 7 struggles of iPhone users of which people don’t often know:

  1. Battery Drains Quickly

Most iPhone batteries, if not all, quickly drain. In just an average of 12 minutes of using them, a significant percentage of the battery power drops to 45%. In addition, the percentage quickly bounces when you charge for about a few minutes only. Sometimes, the battery works normally, but can be problematic most of the time. This is why some iPhone users tend to keep on charging.

  1. iPhone Slows Down After Every Update

It is common for most devices to slow down when they have software update, but they slow down only during an update. For iPhones, it happens after an update. Probably, the files that are being installed are too large for the device. Nevertheless, it goes back to normal after a while. Because of this, some iPhone users get concerned every time there is an update.

  1. Running Out of Storage Space

This happens all the time. Even if you have never downloaded any large file, you will get notified that you are running out of storage space. And when you try to free up some more space, you will still have the same notification. What is annoying is that you really seem to have no more storage space because you can’t download apps with larger files. But if you check your storage, there is so much available space.

  1. Headphones Are Required to Hear a Video

Normally, headphones are required only when you use the radio feature. If you want to watch some videos, you can watch them without headphones. In fact, you can do the same in many cheaper mobile devices. However, this does not apply to iPhones. With iPhones, you will always need a head phone to watch a video. Otherwise, you can’t hear any sound.

  1. Chargers Are Good for a Few Months Only

Batteries are not the only ones that are problematic with iPhones. Chargers, too, have similar issues. The problem is that you can no longer use them after a few months. They die quickly. It means you need to keep on buying new chargers.

  1. Home Button Easily Breaks

Like iPhone chargers, iPhone home buttons don’t last long. They last for only 11 months on an average. Nevertheless, you can prolong it a little depending on how often you use the button.

  1. Takes Time to Turn On

The iPhone takes time to turn on but not all the time. It usually happens right after the battery drains especially right after charging it.


iPhones are very popular and are favorite among many people around the world. It is because they have a lot of superb features. However, they are not perfect. They have some issues that are unique. Nevertheless, Apple is probably aware of such problems and may be doing something now to address such issues.

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