7 Ways to Improve Your Moving Company

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There are a lot of “man (or woman) with a van” services out there, and your moving company needs to stand out. To help you get more sales, we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to improve your moving company.

Invest in Marketing

If you’re not already marketing your business or if you don’t see it as a priority, then you need to invest more time into it. Hire an SEO company Toronto to improve your website and make it rank better on search engines.

Get some vinyl decals to put on your moving vans. Your name, logo, website, and phone number should be clearly displayed across all your vehicles. Think of them as moving billboards. It’s one of the easiest ways to get your company’s name out there.

Give Your Employees More Training

Offer your employees the chance to take part in training programmes to develop their skills. Ideally, your employees should have expertise in more than one area, and extra training will mean that they can progress in their careers and improve the quality of their work. This will lead to greater customer satisfaction and cement your place as one the best moving companies San Diego.

Offer More Services

The more services you offer, the more clients you’ll get. If you already provide boxes and packaging materials, offer an additional unpacking and removal service, so your clients don’t have to worry about recycling dozens of boxes and disposing of yards of bubble wrap. You could offer to install appliances at the new location, or offer a hoisting service to accommodate clients who want to move objects that are too big to fit through doorways. Just make sure your employees have received the proper training first.

You could specialise in a particular kind of moving service, depending on the demographics of your area. If you operate in a suburban area, then focus on promoting your services as a residential moving company, or if your company is near a big city, offer your services as a commercial moving company. You can also specialise in moving valuable items such as artwork and antiques, musical instruments, and sports equipment.

Focus on the Off Season

The off season is the best time for you to assess how you did during peak season and make any improvements or adjustments to your company. It’s also the perfect time to upgrade any worn-out moving gear and do van maintenance.

Just because most people like to move in the summer during peak season, doesn’t mean you should only market your services during that time. You may not realise it, but may people prefer to move during the off season to avoid the hot summer weather and because there will be more moving companies available. You could even offer discounts to customers who move in the off season as an incentive to choose your business.

Improve Your Customer Service

Improve the level of customer service you offer to your clients. Moving is a stressful time, so make sure you clearly communicate with your clients and reassure them about the move. Offer in-home estimates and walk them through the process so they can have a better understanding of what they’re spending their money on. Let them know about the additional services you offer and what you specialise in. Give them your number and email address so they can ask you questions prior to the move.

On moving day, let your clients know when you are on your way and provide your client with an inventory and bill of lading. Take the time to explain it to them and listen to their concerns. Once you have moved their belongings, follow up with them by thanking them for choosing your company and ask how they’re settling in. You’ll get more positive reviews and referrals by making your clients feel appreciated and like they’re your number one priority.

Partner with Realtors

Partnering with local realtors will give you a competitive advantage and make it easier for people to find your business. There’s a lot that goes into buying and selling a house, and it can be an overwhelming process for a lot of people. Many homeowners and buyers will be appreciative if their real estate agent can make the moving process easier by referring them to a trustworthy moving company. Having a realtor recommend your service can also boost your reputation.

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