A Few Simple Keys to Being a Better You

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With the abundance of allergies around, in conjunction with general anxiety and stress, we may be struggling to find out the right methods to ensure that we get by in life. And if you are someone who appears to have many bouts of bad health, or you’re looking for a way to be a little bit healthier in life, are there any simple practices that you can make the most of?

Reducing Allergens in the Home

We have to start where we live. If we find ourselves constantly struggling with cold or flu-like symptoms, the issue may very well be under our noses, literally. It’s important to clean your home, not just so you’ve got a blank canvas, but by doing a deep clean, you are ridding the home of any potential allergens. Companies like Devine Rug Care can help to do a deep clean so your carpet doesn’t trap all of those allergens that cause breathing difficulties like asthma. As well as this, think about the food you consume in the home. You may very well have a mild intolerance to something like lactose or gluten. We have to start at home, because if we feel better at home we can then venture outwards.

Breathing Better

It is underestimated, but the fact of the matter is that we need oxygen to live. Oxygen carries important nutrients through the cells. So if we’re not breathing properly, we aren’t operating at 110%! If you’re someone who has a lot of allergies, or you feel stressed, learning to implement the right breathing technique for you can make all the difference. There are various methods out there. The trick is to find the right one for you. If you are asthmatic, there’s a lot spoken about the Buteyko breathing method, or if you are looking to calm down, something like box breathing is used to great effect by Navy Seals. Learn to breathe better, and you will calm down but also potentially minimise allergies.

Practising Relaxation

This is something we don’t always think about. We don’t take the opportunity to relax. As such, it’s got to be a habit that we get into. Much like going to sleep, we have to find ways to power down so we can have a restful night’s sleep. Getting yourself into a quiet space where you can go into yourself, or practising breathing techniques to calm your mind and body down, are crucial. A lot of people find that the right relaxation method is something they can take with them through every aspect of their life. Once you start to figure out how how to relax, you instantly feel better, and your life will greatly improve. Stress is one of those things that we’re all suffering from now and because stress can cause physical, mental, and emotional problems, the right relaxation method is invaluable.

Finding a Meaning to Life

Becoming a better version of you is not just about the techniques and tools. You can implement the right diet and workout routine, as well as relaxation methods but still feel unfulfilled. Finding a meaning or purpose, no matter how little it may be, is key to feeling more content. As we start to understand who we are, which is something that doesn’t happen right away, this can help us to relax and feel more comfortable in our skin. Sometimes we chase things that aren’t there when the thing that will make us happy is right in front of us all along. It is a little thing, but if you can find a meaning to life that can make you feel not too happy or too sad, but content, can make all the difference.

A lot of people chase the perfect way to be healthy. You can do this to an extent, but also think about if these techniques are benefiting you. Sometimes we have to just trust our gut or listen to our body. Chasing perfect health can be a lifelong practice. But once you find the right thing or things, perhaps this is where we should stop. It’s not necessarily about dieting or fitness, but it’s about that emotional feeling or taking the opportunity to check in with ourselves. These little things can provide tools, not just for long-term health, but for long-term happiness as well. As we live our lives with a lot of stress, pressures, and a terrible diet, perhaps the key is about finding those little things that make us feel a little bit better. And, most of the time, they tend to be simple things.

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