Tour New York Like a Pro; 10 Things to Do

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Touring New York can be quite challenging, spoilt of choice on what to do as it is loaded with numerous options regardless of your needs. The good news, however, is that with holiday deals from , you conveniently get the most out of the tours by exploring various sites. Among the top ten things to do in New York include;

Eat the Delicious Falafel

While New York famed delicacies include New York-style pizza, cheesecake and bagel, baked pretzels, and Manhattan clam chowder, among others, the best bite that will make your tour memorable is Falafel. Also known as fried chickpea fritters, the bite is popular among the locals and is made from fava beans or ground chickpeas or even both and goes with fresh veggies, herbs, and spices.

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Touring one of America’s most iconic sites is a must-do in your New York tour checklist. The trick, however, is reserving your tickets in advance, especially as you can score a ticket to gain access to Lady Liberty’s crown. The ticket allows you not only to tour the site but enjoy the spectacular view of the city and harbor.

Shop at Chelsea Market

Apart from filling your tummy with various tastes that make Chelsea Market a favorite for foodies, your shopping endeavors will also land you great souvenirs. The former factory turned into a shopping square is an elegant show of how development continues to shape The Big Apple and among the must-visit site while touring the state.

Listen to Sweet Melodies

You can’t skip the country’s oldest performing-arts center, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), founded in 1861. Hosting innovative arts including modern dance, opera works, cinema, among others, you are in for a memorable treat that will leave you asking for more.

View from the Empire State Building

Constructed during the great depression, exploring the Empire State Building is a must-do while touring New York. Apart from exploring exhibits, you can opt to take in non-beatable views from its 86th-floor outdoor deck, or even better, go for the 102nd-floor observatory for a panoramic view of the city.

Explore the Museum of Modern Art

Are you an art buff? Well, this museum offers jaw-dropping experience with a collection of 19th century to today’s dominating creative ideas. Even for the less-savvy art enthusiasts, the museum will give you goosebumps as you admire heavyweights’ innovative minds from Rothko, Picasso, among others.

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

Crossing the iconic bridge and the world’s first steel suspension bridge is among the most exciting experiences. Walking or cycling across the bridge on the suspended bicycle/pedestrian walkway allows you to take in the breathtaking views of the East River, Waterfront, and Manhattan.

Relax in Central Park

From the well-maintained walkways, lake, reservoir, and manicured gardens, not forgetting the outdoor theater, the green space is among the most relaxing areas you must visit while touring New York. After a long, tiring, and satisfactory exploration check out the waterside eatery for mouth-watering meals to re-energize your body.

Lazy strolls on beaches

From Coney Island, Long Beach, to Brighton Beach, among others, your beach quests can’t go wrong. The enjoyable old lazy strolls, swimming, and taking the evening breeze, among other beach activities, will quench your vacation quests.

Visit American Museum of Natural History

From dinosaur skeletons to artifacts you only imagine or see on movie scenes, the American Museum of Natural History has it all. With over 30 million artifacts to explore, the museum, founded in 1869, has a lot to offer in your quest to expand your history knowledge.

New York is loaded with a range of to-dos, and following your preferences, you can take advantage of holiday deals to mark several items on your bucket list.

Image Credits: Chris Barbalis

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