A Sneak Peek into the Wonderful Realm of Golf

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Golf is an extremely popular game around the world. Since the first time we heard about golf or saw a golf club, probably with Shinchan’s dad when we were three or four years old, the big green fields, the shiny and sleek golf clubs, have all fascinated us. If you are a beginner to the realm of golf, or just wish to know more about it, here, in this article, is what all you need to know.

Golf: the luxurious game

Golf is a true luxury. If you can afford it, you can enjoy those expensive golf equipment, clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Also, when you are a regular golf player, you get to update your golf wardrobe seasonally or yearly. Golf clubs like Crazy Golf offer you premium luxuries, not just on their golf field, but also in their bars and restaurants. Probably this is the reason why we only find people in high-powered jobs playing this game and enjoying its luxuries.

Some common golf terms

Just like any other game, golf has some specific terms for its moves, tools, etc. Here are some standard golf terms:

  • Golf Tee: It is the wooden peg on which you place your golf ball at the beginning of the game.
  • Green: It is the soft and plush ground surrounding the hole.
  • Fairway: It is that part of the golf course that leads to the green.
  • Rough: It is the wild area around the fairway, often planted with long grasses and trees.
  • Bunker: It is a sand-filled ditch surrounding the green.
  • Stroke: It is the swing made to hit the ball. Even if it doesn’t, it still counts as a stroke.
  • Ace: It is the score where one makes a hole in a single stroke.

Golf etiquettes

Golf is a luxurious game, and luxuries are enjoyed with etiquettes. Here is a list of some standard golf etiquettes that you must adhere to:

  • You should not talk while someone is back swinging.
  • Do not walk through someone’s line between their ball and the hole.
  • You should not run around the field. Just walk briskly but softly.
  • You are supposed to remain stationary while your fellow golfers play their shot.
  • Do not place any of your golfing equipment in front of the green.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips for the beginner or for casual golf players to make their game more entertaining and fun.

  • Get the right club. You can take the help of your retailer for the same. Ask for a club that you can swing at about 80 percent.
  • Focus on your posture. You must tilt at your hips and not at your waist.
  • Have a firm grip on the club. Practice to hold it firmly, even when you are not playing.
  • Do not hit without aiming. Watch your target, aim the ball, and then stroke.
  • Keep your head steady because if you don’t, it is going to result in serious swing flaws.
  • When it’s windy, keep your ball as low as possible as the wind can influence the direction of your ball.

Image Credits: Sydney Rae

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