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Most people perceive that saving money is a difficult and near-impossible task. In reality, there are so many things that you can do to save money and it doesn’t require giving up everything fun and being miserable. This article will explore the various ways in which you can you can save money (and make some too). Honestly, it’s really not that hard!

Save on household bills

Some of these suggestions may seem obvious, but they’re basic things that you can do around the house that you might sometimes forget about. Doing a few of these simple things can help you save money.

Instead of putting on the radiator, gas fire or convection heater when it gets cold, put on a jumper, grab a blanket and grab a hot water bottle. Also, instead of putting on the air conditioning on during those hot summer days, open up a few windows and grab a glass of ice-cold water or a refreshing drink. Turn off all the lights during the day and every time you leave a room. If you like to take long showers and relax under the hot water, try reducing the amount of time you spend in there. Just a few minutes less in the shower can lower your water bill significantly. Don’t forget to turn the extractor fan off in the bathroom when you hop out of the shower or to turn off the one in the kitchen when you finish cooking. Change the setting on your washing machine and reduce the temperature at which you wash your clothes. Try putting your clothes on the quick wash cycle too. In warmer weather, put up a washing line and air-dry your laundry instead of using the dryer.

Sell what you don’t need

Selling things that you don’t want or need is a great way to make money and have a clear out. Go through your belongings and separate the items you want to keep and things you don’t need.

Get rid of all the clothes and shoes that no longer fit, and pack up those old CDs, DVDs, videos and records that have been collecting dust at the back of your closet. Get rid of all those books that you haven’t read in the past few years and make a few quid. Remember, you can always go to the library if you want something new and interesting to read. If you declutter your house, you may just find all sorts of trinkets and fascinating objects that you can sell. There are plenty of online auction sites and physical stores where you can sell your unwanted belongings. This way, you’re not only saving money, but making some too.

Find the best mobile network

Let’s face it, most of us couldn’t live without our mobile phone. Our phones are what connect us to the rest of the world. Mobile phones are no longer devices used only for basic communication. Now, we can check our social media profiles, play music, buy clothes, order food, play games, read our emails and do much more. Without our phones, we’d be lost.

What we need to remember is that phones aren’t cheap. They are expensive and it doesn’t help that each network offers something different. So, how do we know which network is going to offer the greatest deals, perks, tariffs and contracts? With comparison sites such as Half Cooked, you can search through credible reviews and find a UK network that will offer you the best bargains and contracts so that you’re never out of pocket.

Shop wisely

One of the things that constantly trips people up when it comes to saving money is shopping. It’s quite easy to walk into a store, take a look around, and leave with a little bit more than what you need, even if it is just a few extra pastries or a multipack of crisps. Here are just a few tips on how to shop more efficiently and save some extra money to put aside.

Make a shopping list. It’s very simple! If you plan meals in advance, you’ll know what you’ll need that week to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should also add household items your list, such as toilet paper, bleach and toothpaste. If take your list with you, you’ll be less inclined to buy junk and will only buy what you need. It will also reduce food waste. Be sure to never shop when you’re hungry. If you do, you’re more likely to impulse buy what ever your craving at that moment in time. Setting yourself a budget is a great idea, especially if you’re on a limited income or are looking to put away a few extra pennies. Rather than buying big name brands, try purchasing generic brands and going to discount stores. To save that little bit extra, take advantage of special offers, coupons, and loyalty cards. You should also try cutting down on things you don’t need, such as alcohol, cigarettes, junk food and takeout.

Cut down on holiday spending

A lot of people set aside some cash to go on one, sometimes even two, family holidays each year. This is money that they could have saved for something more important. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a party pooper and cancel every holiday. Instead of going abroad, staying in an expensive hotel and spending more money on eating out every night, why not have a stay at home holiday and do some free or low-cost activities? If you do some research on your local area, you may just find lots of family-friendly activities for you to do. You could always go on a nature walk and have a picnic, go bowling, bake some goodies, plant flowers and herbs in the back yard, or even invent some new games to play. Even if you do decide that you want to go somewhere new, why not try something like camping, which is inexpensive, but still fun?

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