Be Bond (Sort of) with These Gadgets

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You’re a superspy, license to kill, all the trimmings, with a side order of suave and an aperitif of pure unbridled charisma.

Well, not really.

You’re a building contractor from Croydon, but you adore Bond.

You’ve tried to uncover volcanic lairs, only to be asked to leave by Mount Vesuvius tour guides. You’ve attempted to rendezvous with KGB agents, only to worry people in cafes by muttering, “The swallow flies over Krakow tonight” in their ear. Your girlfriend is planning to leave you if you call her Pussy Galore one more time.

What you need is a gadget fix to sate your Bond-loving appetite. Here a few we think you’ll love.

Listen up and listen in

What can help a spy more than the chance to listen in on the private chats between supervillains? But you don’t have to be hidden in the room yourself to hear what you’re not supposed to.

Listening devices come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, hidden in computer mice, extension cables, lighters and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Whether you’re meeting with a snitch, chatting to an underground operative or proving to your girlfriend that you did say to meet at eight, not half-nine, there’s a listening device to suit any occasion.


Google have forever been pioneers in bleeding edge technology – and with the Google Glass, they’ve hit on a piece of tech that could make Q green with envy.

Establishing the wearable tech boom, the Glass is essentially a pair of spectacles that allow you to record what you see, check the internet and embed the virtual world seamlessly with reality.

So, you’ll be able to Google customer reviews for a restaurant in the blink of an eye as you stand outside it, or record a conversation with someone and keep it on record.

While the Glass has its detractors – some have claimed it’ll diminish our attention spans to miniscule levels, while others have voiced privacy concerns – there’s no denying the numerous uses the budding spy can find for it.

Nighty sight

Do you ever look out at the inky darkness of the night and think, “What could be out there?”

That’s what makes night vision goggles one of the coolest gadgets on the market. Buy a reasonably priced pair and you’ll be able to see far into the night. While they’re perfect for espionage, they could also come in handy if you fancy a bit of post-evening nature watching.

What’s more exciting is that this technology gets more impressive by the minute. Night vision boffins are currently trying to work out how they can turn that black and white night vision into colour images – watch this space!

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