Stylish Messaging: Best Emoji Apps That You Should Try

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Communication will always be present in today’s apps, especially if it is a social media or messaging app, so that we can quickly connect with other people online. Even in mobile games, we can also communicate with other players, and it is the primary key to victory.

When you wish to tell someone about something, you shoot them a message, and you can also include emojis, for example, when you want to let someone know that you are keeping an eye on them, you may add a sticker or eyes emoji at the end of your reply.

Now, messaging is more fun because there are so many emojis and stickers that you can use on different messaging apps that make texting or chatting more interactive and exciting. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the best apps that give you fantastic emojis for your messages. Here are the best emoji apps that you should try.

SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji

Having a dedicated keyboard is better than having a dedicated emoji app because it comes with hundreds of built-in emojis that can be helpful in your daily conversations. SwiftKey is among the best apps available in the Android app store because of its excellent and unique features, jaw-dropping suggestions, easy typing, and extensive user-generated dictionary.

This app will also suggest emojis when you are typing a phrase or word, for example, when you type ‘Let’s have a drink,’ the app will automatically show you the wine glass emoji.


If you want to see your friend’s face or your face as emojis, you can now easily do that on your smartphone. You only need to download the Imoji app and create personalized stickers and emojis to put in your messages to your friends or loved ones.

The disadvantage of the app is that you cannot send messages using other messaging apps; instead, you have to rely on this app alone to send your message. You can only send those stickers and emojis via the messenger that is built into Imoji.


You can now customize and arrange your emojis so that you can access them quickly with the help of this app. Emojiyo allows you to customize the emoji keyboard easily and place all your favorite and frequently used emojis in one place where they can be easily and quickly accessed.

You can also have various emoji packs that you can use on your smartphone, and you can create your emoji combination and save those emojis so that you can use them later on. Emojiyo’s emoji collection is growing every day, so you will get updates every time you use emojis in your texts or messaging app.


You can now start searching and downloading for these apps so that you can access more emojis. When you send a text or chat to someone, always make sure that you add emojis so that you’ll sound more casual, and to convey your emotions.

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