The Best Apps for Making Your Move Stress-Free

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It’s a tired cliché by now, but when it comes to moving, there’s an app for that! And believe it or not, these apps can help a great deal. They are not only practical, they can reduce your stress as well by easing your workload, eliminating unknowns, and generally making the entire process simpler. If you are moving in the near future, these apps can make your move stress-free. Give them a shot and report back!


A common issue when moving is losing track of things. Sortly solves this problem (or at least aims to) by allowing you to easily photograph and catalog all of your personal belongings. You can further sub-categorize items based on any criteria you wish (for example, kitchen goods and living room items). With Sortly, it is easy to determine where things go as you unpack, and even easier to determine whether or not anything has gone missing. And you can even search by items once you’ve entered them into the app. It’s really quite useful.


Figuring out how to arrange your furniture in your new home or apartment is often a guessing game. That is where MagicPlan comes in. The app lets you photograph your new environment in 360 degrees, and then creates a detailed and accurate floor plan based on the data it collects. Needless to say, this floor plan is likely going to be far more accurate than any napkin sketch you draw up from memory. With the exact details of your new floor plan, you can begin laying out your furniture and exploring different decorating options.


Finding an apartment is in many ways even more stressful than moving. You can try walking or driving around your favorite neighborhoods in hopes of happening upon “For Rent” signs, or you can simply use ForRent, an online service that makes it easy to search through hundreds, if not thousands of available options quickly and easily. For example, say you’re searching for apartments for rent in NYC. With ForRent, you can filter by cost, neighborhood, pet availability, number of bedrooms, and more. Filter through thousands to find the dozens that meet your needs. Needless to say, it certainly beats aimlessly driving around in hopes of finding a miracle.


If you are moving into an apartment unit that lacks a washer and dryer, you may like Cleanly. This app offers on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services – simply put in your order, and Cleanly “valets” will come to your apartment and pick up your clothes. Once done, they’ll return them, fully folded and ready to wear. Though currently only available in New York City and Washington, D.C., it would be of little surprise if the service expanded into other major markets, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco.


When you move into your new place, your work isn’t done. You still have to clean your old place if you want any chance of getting your security deposit back. And depending on how lenient or forgiving your landlord is, “spick and span” might not be good enough. Enter Handy. This online service offers 3-hour home cleanings for as little as $69. Considering your security deposit is several hundred, if not thousands of dollars, it’s worth the price of investment. Not only are you assured of getting your apartment as clean as possible, but you avoid having to do the work too!


Think of Lugg as Uber for movers. While it’s only available in the Bay Area at this time, meaning San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Jose residents can use the service, there is every possibility that the company could expand its service area in the future. With Lugg, individuals simply request a pick-up from their phone, photograph the item (or items) to be moved, and the rest is pretty much out of their hair. Best of all, there’s no pre-planning needed. Once a mover is requested, he or she arrives in 30 minutes or less. Like Uber, it’s quick and easy (and fairly affordable too).


Have you ever seen those spy films where someone surreptitiously applies a tracking device on the back of someone’s coat or in their bag? That basically describes Tile! The Tile tracking system uses small, slim Bluetooth tracking devices in conjunction with a mobile app. Simply attach the “tiles” to things that you want to keep track of. You can then track them directly from your phone. There are Tile keychains (tileMates) that can help you keep track of your keys, and Tile cards (tileSlims) that can easily be slipped into a wallet or purse. If you have something that is particularly important or valuable to you, attach a “tile” to it and track it through every step of your move.

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