Best Block Games for Snow Days

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During winter, it may be quite challenging to go outdoors because of the cold. There’s no doubt that conventional snow-based leisure activities like snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating can be great. However, playing block games from the comfort of your couch can be more convenient. This article highlights some of the best block games that you’ll want to play during the winter.

Snow Day Sudoku

Though most people download this game during Christmas, you can play it during the entire winter period. It has many puzzles with various difficulty levels, featuring the ‘falling snow’ theme. It’s primarily meant for players who have an iPad or iPhone and is yet to be introduced for Android.

Snow Day Sudoku has the same features as other Sudoku games, though it has support for Game Center, and it can allow you to compare your points with other players’. Game Center will also save your achievement and scores. Snow Day Sudoku has five difficulty levels, namely easy, medium, hard, expert, and insane.

You can choose new puzzles through the pattern generator or the random generator. All the puzzles have been tested and found to have solutions though you may need advanced solving strategies to solve harder ones. The Marks Options present on your screen enables you to copy the true marks and reduce other candidates.

If you buy the app, you can install it on all your iPad or iPhone. The game has high-resolution graphics and can run on older iPhone generations. It allows you to time yourself when playing. The hints that you get as you play are vital because they help you find solvable cells. Also, the falling snow effects, cool animated snowflakes, and other themes will help you to stay in the winter mood.

New Snow Block Puzzle

This game is one of the snow-world-style block games. It’s addictive because of the many crush effects it has. It requires you to arrange ice blocks to score higher points. It’s crystal ice design that greets you when you open the game will give you pleasant memories of snow days.

To play this game, you need to move the ice blocks and fill the columns and rows. When you develop full lines with the blocks on the grid, the snow particles will splash. Unlike other block games where you can rotate the blocks to fit them correctly, you can’t turn these ice blocks. This game’s exciting features include interesting snow environment sounds, a pretty snow world scene, survival game modes, and humorous and smooth animations.

Block Puzzle Winter

This game requires you to clear and break the playing field as you try to locate the fairy lights. It features a snowy environment in a 10 x 10 playing field. To play the game, you need to move the figures and arrange blocks either vertically or horizontally to form a line that’ll enable you to clear the field. You improve your score when you clear multiple lines. The game will end when you run out of space for next block.


The winter season is best spent playing games with snowy themes because it’ll help you maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire winter period. You may even end up forgetting about the cold weather because you’re having so much fun.

Image Credits: Andrea Piacquadio

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