How to Gain the Optimal Modern-Day Gaming Experience

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Gaming is no longer a simple past-time you had to go to the arcades to experience. Now, fully rendered, incredible 3D worlds, extremely competitive online games, and relaxing social experience are as easy to come across as a Netflix subscription. Sometimes, such as the current Xbox-PC Game Pass options offered by Microsoft, finding a range of worthwhile titles is as easy as finding a worthwhile gaming subscription.

That being said, gaining the optimal modern-day gaming experience is still worth considering. For those who really want the best of the best, PC is the platform of choice. But what components are important to look for, and what are the new standards being utilized in 2019? For that, we may decide to look towards even more impressive gaming graphical options, the services you may need, and the components with which building your computer (or purchasing pre-built) can be directed by.

With the following advice, you’ll see just how enjoyable the gaming process can be, provided you’re willing to invest a little effort into the process.

RTX Graphics

RTX Graphics are an incredible new technological development, which do require the latest line of RTX GeForce cards to run effectively. A great gaming PC equipped with one of these cards can show you just what RTX is – a method of rendering lifelike reflections, wonderful colored lighting, and shining surfaces, bringing new, real-time projected realism to a world you are inhabiting. Not all games support this as of yet, but games such as Control, Metro Exodus, the upcoming Cyberpunk, Battlefield 1 and Modern Warefare (2019) all offer this incredible visual stimulus. Once you experience it, you will be thoroughly impressed.

Ultrawide Monitors

Ultrawide monitors had a rough start for a time, as many devs neglected to support resolutions such as 3440×1440, which was unfortunate for those early adopters. That being said, this has truly changed in the modern-day, and thankfully the 21:9 aspect ratio is still the perfect manner in which to watch movies or new TV shows, as this filmed format is often what causes black bars at the top and bottom of most monitors or television screens in other aspect ratios. Additionally, ultrawide monitors can give you so much more screen space in a video game that you have a legitimate advantage over other players – as you are able to see them before they see you.

Using An SSD

SSD’s are known for their excellent speeds, launching an operating system such as Windows in seconds. Additionally, installing your video games there, particularly on NVME 2.0 SSDs that install directly into your motherboard will help the computer flash to life in seconds, and reduce any loading busywork that you may have had to deal with prior. It sounds over the top, but this kind of installation can sometimes be the most prominent and even the cheapest on this list to enact.

With this advice, you’re sure to gain that optimal gaming experience as we leap into the new decade.

Image Credits: Marta Branco

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