Bifold Closet Doors: A Complete Installation Guide

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Most people install sliding doors in their closets, but that does not mean that they are the best option for everyone. If you want to save on space and get a look that enhances your closet’s look while providing easier access to your interior space, then consider bifold doors.

Installing and adjusting every hardware of the closet may seem a bit frustrating, but once you get the hang of it, you will be good to go. In this article, we will guide you to install bifold closet doors in your home. Read on and follow the steps.

Understanding your Bifold Door

Bifold closet doors are like other doors but are only connected to twos and hung on a track. The doors have a solid, robust, heavy construction and well-adjusted hardware. When you open the door, its heft prevents it from shuddering.

Therefore, it’s essential to look for more solid-core and solid wood doors as they will feel more substantial, unlike the hollow-core ones. Unsure where to find something appropriate? Try searching online for ‘Bi-Folding Doors Manchester‘.

As the doors are heavier, you may need a track, including a wheeling mechanism that allows your door to slide better instead of shimmy along those tracks. You may find it a bit challenging to attach and adjust the hardware.

Therefore, you will need more time to assemble the pivots, hinges, and track. Checking every measurement and position is critical to ensure that all the pieces are in the right place and facing the right direction.

Mounting the Hinges

Before you mount the door, you can give it a finish or paint on it. You can also label it so you know which door you are working with. Mark the inner edge of the jamp side door 11 inches from its bottom and 7 inches to the top.

Place your door on edge while the marks are facing up.

Align the bottom of the half of a hinge with the bottom mark, ensure the knuckles face back and flush to the edge, drill the hinge holes, and screw on the plate.

Check the marks and attach the top and middle hinges, align your doors evenly and fix the hinges by screwing the plates to the door.

Attaching the Track

Fasten your pivot plates on the tops and bottoms of your jamp side doors and add a slacking arm at the top of the door.

Cut the track as per the length and slide the loose hardware onto the track.

Attach your track to a door header using the screws provided. You can leave the hardware loose in the track to make it easier to hang your door later.

Positioning the Door

Check the manufacturer’s instructions on the proper measurements to use on the floor bracket.

Place a plumb bob on the track at the top of the floor bracket aligning the bracket pinhole from front to back to make the door plumb during installation.

Tighten the brackets with the screws.

Hanging the Doors

Align the doors to the track to ensure the pin of your top pivot plate is hooked into a socket. Pin it all the way in and push the lever sideways, locking it in place.

Slot your pin from its hanger into your locking arm on your door and twist the arm, locking it in place.

You can now swing your doors forward enough to get the floor bracket as the doors are closed.

Attaching the Floor Bracket

Align your floor bracket after swinging the doors to place and screw the bracket.

Hang every door and close to adjust them on the track. Tighten your pivot sockets at the track end and any small stop in the middle.

Attaching the door aligner

The door aligners should be mounted between your doors to catch when you close the doors and keep your doors in line.

Installing Door Pulls

Screw the door pulls based on the manufacturer’s recommended measurements. Fasten the knobs, so they don’t fall off after removing them.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners who have limited space should install bifold doors. You can install them yourself or have a contractor do it for you.

Before you begin the installation process, read all the instructions carefully to avoid missing a step and redoing the entire work.

If you have any trouble installing the doors, you can contact a building professional to help you.

Image Credits: Steve Johnson

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