Blue Light Is Bad For Sleep, But You Still Need Tech In The Bedroom

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Everybody knows that the blue light emitted by mobile devices is bad for sleep. It tricks your brain into thinking it’s morning, shutting down your production of sleep hormones. But even though banishing smartphones and tablets is a good idea, banishing all technology isn’t. There are still loads of ways technology can actually improve a good night’s sleep. Here’s how.

Silent Ceiling Fans

With temperatures on the rise in the Northern Hemisphere right now, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult. Stuffy bedrooms can prevent deep sleep and leave you feeling groggy the following morning. The great news is that companies have started making ceiling fans based on the latest aerodynamic technologies. Unlike traditional fans, these fans are essentially silent, giving you the benefit of a cool bedroom but without the annoying whirring noise which might keep you awake.

NASA Mattresses

According to ChooseMattress, the highest rated type of mattress for a good night’s sleep is NASA’s memory foam mattresses. The mattresses were originally developed to help keep astronauts comfortable for long space flights, but they’ve since made it into consumer products. The advanced, high tech material, actually molds itself to your shape, helping distribute your weight more evenly and supporting you all over. If you struggle to sleep because of a bad back or a sore hip, this is the perfect mattress for you.

Mood Lighting

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Do you need something to lift the mood in your room before you go to bed? Then you might benefit from mood lighting. Mood lighting in the bedroom is a great idea. The reasons for this is that it can mimic the light you would normally get with a natural sunset. If you happen to live somewhere with a maritime climate, you might not get to see sunset very regularly because of all the overcast weather. Mood lighting can fix that, providing a natural backdrop to get your sleep hormones flowing.

Smart Beds

Do you ever wake up feeling groggy but don’t know why? Then you might be in need of a smart bed. Smart beds are types of beds which help you track and optimize your sleep. The bed connects to an app on your device which can tell you things like your sleep cycle, how long you spend in deep sleep and how much you’re moving throughout the night. Some experts believe that high blood pressure can lead to poorer sleep quality. And so eating right and exercising during the day can help. You can then punch all this information into your sleep app to see whether it is correlated with better sleep at night. Apps will provide you with handy graphs you can use to see visually how well you slept the night before.

Funky Nightlights


Nightlights don’t have to be boring. There are now some really cool high tech and interesting night lights on the market. Plasma night lights are a favorite among people who love science, thanks to the plasma effect they create. But smart night lights are also gaining traction: night lights which only turn on when they detect movement.

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