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The beauty industry is worth billions, and yet most of those who are interested in new products and new trends are those who are in the experimental phase of life: students. It’s a time to dabble in different hair colours, learn about contouring and blending and generally get a feel for what suits your skin type and hair type. Beauty is an expensive industry, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend every penny you make on beauty products.

Students have a lot to worry about. They worry about the course they’re going to take, the budget they need for rent and food and whether to take those online loans with no credit check and instant approval. So, beauty rarely factors on the radar of most students when food and survival is far more pressing. However, looking beautiful doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash and part of looking good is feeling good. Confidence is everything and if beautifying yourself can make you feel confident, then you need to know how to beautify on a budget.

Boost Your Beauty On A Budget 3

Coconut Oil. It’s been one of the biggest trends in the last couple of years, but coconut oil is brilliant for far more than just cooking. It can work as a moisturiser, shaving gel and even a hair conditioner. It’s so versatile and doesn’t cost much to buy when you can get it off the shelf at a supermarket. If coconut oil in its raw form is a too messy for you then there are convenient coconut oil pills now on the market.

Beauty Pie. Being a student means making do and mending, but if you cannot part with your branded makeup then you need Beauty Pie. You can buy luxury makeup at factory prices and stay on point.

Dry Shampoo. When you’re in a hurry and you haven’t got time to condition and hair mask, dry shampoo can save your skin. Washing your hair less is the way forward when you want to save on your water bills, and dry shampoo can rescue that greasy look!

Free Samples. Where you can, pick up free samples and stock up your bathroom. Cosmetics companies are always giving them away and they prefer to give them to those who can review the products.

Skincare. No one enjoys having skin problems, but makeup and complicated routines make it difficult to avoid them. Paring back your skincare routine and making it as simple as possible can often be all that you need to have clear, beautiful skin. Drink more water, use a moisturising soap and warm water, before splashing your face with cold water and patting dry. If you are still having skin issues, get some advice from a healthcare professional.

One thing to always remember when it comes to your beauty budget is that you will have to get creative if you want to cut back. This doesn’t mean compromising on your standards, but it does mean hunting for other avenues and deals so that you can get the best product for the lowest prices. Take your time to find your beauty bargains and you’ll be working it daily.

Image Credits: Robert Bejil, qimono

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