Boss-level Tricks for Planning a 21st That Goes Off Without a Hitch

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The 21st birthday is the epitome of young adult birthdays: it is the last milestone in becoming an independent adult; when teenagers make that last turn into adulthood. However, 21sts can certainly be more problematic when planning them. The people in attendance are almost all going to be adults of a drinking age, and you need to plan for this accordingly. We’ve compiled five easy to follow guidelines to ensure you plan the safest and most fun 21st possible!

  1. Choose a suitable guest list

Do you want to have a large party or an intimate party? Perhaps it’s going to be a family only celebration, or perhaps you want to invite your entire year level? Whatever size party you’re planning for, make sure you select a guest list suitable. It can be easy to get carried away and invite too many guests, but a good rule to think about is if you have been invited to their 21st or believe that you will be, then invite the guest in question.

  1. Pick an appropriate venue

Holding a 21st at your own home is cost effective and may be some people’s preferred option. However, it should be noted that professional venues have a lot of benefits, including clean up, fixed closing time and security. If you do want to host your 21st at home, it is important to consider if you are going to need equipment hire to cater for a number of guests you are inviting. Will you need umbrellas, seating, lighting, a marquee? These are all important things to consider. If you’re holding your 21st at a venue, make sure you liaise with the venue manager and the staff to ensure that each party’s specific demands and requirements are going to be met.

  1. Always serve food

Because most people in attendance will be of drinking age, it is important that there are food, soft drink and water options available. It’s never wise to consume alcohol on an empty stomach, and you want to ensure that your guests remain hydrated and that there are options to drink other than alcohol. If you’re having a sit down meal, make sure you enquire about each guest’s meal preferences before the event. If you’re opting for finger food, ensure that there is more than enough food to adequately satisfy and satiate your guests. Too much is always better than not enough!

  1. Prepare the formalities in advance

For some 21sts, the birthday boy or girl and their respective families like to involve formalities. These can range from giving a key, gifting a specific special present or having speeches. Whatever your specific selection of formalities for the special night is, make sure that you efficiently manage your time on the night to fit them all in.

  1. Have fun!

Most of all, it’s important to relax and have fun! Each person who is helping to plan the 21st can have a different expectation of how the event is going to pan out. Sometimes, things may not go according to plan, and it’s important to be easy going and positive if a hurdle arises. It’s a big day for the birthday boy or girl, and it’s important they feel the love when it comes time to celebrate. A great way to ensure those fond memories are remembered is to hire a photobooth. This can cut the costs of a photographer and make sure that your guests have that little bit of extra fun on the big day or night. There are a wide range of photo booth hire services in Sydney and beyond for you to choose from.

Avoid stress when planning your next big party. A 21st is a memorable milestone that is exciting for family, friends and the birthday boy or girl involved. Help relieve stress leading up to the party and on the big day by adhering to these five helpful tips. Hip hip hooray!

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