Business Strategy: Ingenious Ways to Influence Customers 2021

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In business, persuasion matters a lot. When you understand the science behind persuasion, your business will gain significantly since you’ll be in a better position to influence consumer behaviour.

You may ask yourself, what is consumer behaviour? Consumer behaviour is a study that entails learning more about what influences different organisations and individuals such that they can acquire the products and services being offered by certain firms. Some of the principles that revolve around persuasion include commitment, reciprocity, authority, scarcity, and liking. Marketing campaigns usually influence consumer behaviour since they normally elicit specific reactions. Such campaigns also use imagery through a digital display screen, and the consumers will feel certain emotions.

The following factors influence consumer behaviour:

  • Personal factors: the opinions and interests of the consumers are mainly influenced by culture, age, profession, and background.
  • Psychological factors:¬†people usually respond to ads differently depending on their attitude, perceptions, and views on life.
  • Social factors: the social groups that people join usually affect how they shop. Buying behaviours are also influenced by income, social class, and education level.

How Marketing Affects the Decisions and Behaviors of Consumers

Marketing is effective when it comes to influencing the behaviour of the consumers. The following factors play a crucial role in how marketing influences consumer behaviours:

  • Fear, Nostalgia, and other emotions: to effectively market your products and services, you should evoke different emotions, including nostalgia. For example, if the product is tied to a particular brand or image from your past, it can influence a wide client base to spend money on the products and services being offered. If a marketing campaign invokes fear in you, there is a likelihood that you will purchase the products being provided such that you’ll stop being anxious.
  • Word and imagery associations: using word and imagery associations, you can easily attract attention to your company. For example, if your target consumers comprise of young people, you can make memes and use phrases that are popular during the marketing campaign. Your audience can associate with the products and services you’re offering, and they can relate easily.
  • Reactions: marketing campaigns are effective since they capture the target audience’s attention, and in turn, the consumers will react to them. When many people respond to the marketing campaigns, they will talk about them for a prolonged period. If they engage in a discussion about a particular brand for a long, they will most likely purchase the offered products and services.

We’ll now look into different ways that brands can influence consumers:

  1. Optimising Social Media

Social media plays a crucial role in the e-commerce system. Many people are using social media worldwide; different nations are also experiencing a digital revolution. E-commerce entities usually rely heavily on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for marketing purposes. Through social media marketing, it is possible to build brand recognition. On social media platforms, it’s also possible to engage the consumers through discussions. The main focus should be on ensuring that you have reached out to the right target audience. To generate a lot of traffic, businesses should focus more on social media optimisation.

  1. Shifting to Mobile Apps

Mobile apps help to ensure the consumers have a more personalised shopping experience. It is also advisable to ensure that the company’s website is mobile-friendly. The major industry players currently opt for mobile apps, specifically lightweight versions. The main advantage is that the consumers have access to all the information they need at their fingertips. Mobile platforms also make it easy to learn more about the preference and taste of the consumers.

  1. Influencer Marketing

It is easy to get in touch with prospective clients through influencer marketing. The major online players are currently using such marketing strategies, and they have proven to be highly beneficial. The right influencer will ensure a connection between the customer and the brand such that there will be a personal connection.

  1. Efficient Customer Support

Many changes have taken place in the digital era. The customer service in the online market is integrated. There are also different communication options, including phone calls, emails, and SMS. Each of these communication platforms comes in handy when engaging the consumers. Excellent customer service ensures you’ll have a loyal client base.

  1. Offer Enough Information

Consumers want to deal with a brand that is trustworthy. They also want to get in touch with knowledgeable individuals so that they can educate them on the products they wish to purchase. Trust plays a crucial role in ensuring the relationship between the consumer and the brand will last long.

  1. Consumers Should Take Part in the Decision-Making Process

Utilise sensory techniques. The consumers should touch the products they want to purchase such that they’ll get to feel the quality, and at the end of it all, they’ll buy what your brand is offering.

  1. Tell the Story

When you come up with a story, it will be easy for the consumer to relate to your offering’s products and services. The buyer will also retell the story about the brand as they showcase the products they purchased.

Image Credits: Christina Morillo

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