What Is The Market Looking For In A Drinks Business?

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You know your drinks, you’re a great host with a platter of wine stems always in hand, and now you’re starting to believe you’ve got a great idea for a drink of your own. But you’re worried. You’re worried your idea has been done before, and about the market you’re trying to fit into – there’s a lot of different drinking companies out there, including giants like Coca-Cola and Pepsi; how can you compete?

Well, you can think about what the market is currently really looking for in a drinks business.

A Company That Favors Fruit

Fruit is a big factor in a good drink. If something is fruity and delicious, it’s sweet and slips easy down the throat. It doesn’t leave a burn in its wake, and it can even be quite good for you in the long run. And that’s an angle you can work with, in a world where sugar taxes on drinks are common, and people are looking for healthy alternatives to simple items like flavored water. Get to know the common ingredients in fruity drinks – focusing on the summer market for ideas would be a good start here.

A Company That Works with CBD Elements

CBD beverages are huge health boosts, and are only recently coming into a favorable light with the drinking market. CBD describes the part of the cannabis plant that doesn’t get you high, and has zero negative effects on your brain chemistry, but has a whole host of other benefits for your body. People like CBD infused drinks as they can help alleviate issues like anxiety, and have long term health effects for issues like cancer and insomnia.

Whether you have the idea for a juice shot or a natural energy drink, it’s the CBD element in the drink mix that customers are craving; people are turning away from caffeine in their energy drinks, after all. So, why not turn your business mind to this kind of development? To help you get the right idea, you can work with a company such as Creative Culinary Solutions that can realise the process, and also be sure to scope out competition currently on the market, to try and see where the gaps are.

A Company with Themed Drink Lines

People like to drink to celebrate, but often enough, people have to get their own drinks in to make sure they have a good time. And that’s where a drink idea like yours could step in to help out: you can come up with themed drinks, with taglines that suggest each concoction is perfectly mixed for specific situations.

And that can be a lot of products for each section of the refreshment market: a line for weddings, a line for romantic occasions, a line for TV viewing parties etc. It’s a lot of research to be done, sure, but your efforts will certainly make a shopping trip more convenient for customers!

Get your ingredients sorted, and find your niche; your drinks business will take off.

Image Credits: Stéphan Valentin

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