Calming Down… Considerably: Unwinding After A Long Day

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We all seem to have incredibly stressful days most of the time now. Our journeys to the office are longer and more stressful before we’ve even started our working day, we feel various financial pressures when we’re supposed to focus hard on our work, and then we come home to a barrage of bills and quibbles, and it’s hardly surprising that we struggle to unwind. Let’s see if we can get you to come down considerably.

Designing A Relaxation Space

Depending on your idea of relaxation it will greatly produce different results. If you need somewhere that is total darkness so you can decompress from all of the sensory overload, the options are many. But when we are designing somewhere that we can properly relax, we have to give weight to our own mind. For example, if you go and relax in bed, but the bedroom is full of clutter, you aren’t going to relax, and you might not even get a good night’s sleep. Take this opportunity to create a space that is for the purposes of relaxation. Some of us like nothing better than getting into a bath and having a long soak. But if your bath is incredibly cramped and doesn’t suit the contours of your body, you’re not going to unwind. While there are websites, such as to give you some idea of what baths are out there, making over your entire bathroom might very well be the solution. If you have one room that needs making over, the bathroom should take priority, especially as the winter months are coming, and there is nothing worse than putting your bare feet on a freezing cold floor!

Getting Into That Relaxing Mindset

It’s a very difficult frame of mind to get into, especially if you are constantly on the go. Finding ways to calm down, and stopping your thoughts racing is all about practice. While a lot is spoken about apps like Headspace, many people don’t have the funds to pay for this type of app, but on you can find various alternatives to Headspace. Ultimately, it’s about practising this frame of mind. As soon as you come home from work, you need to find ways to throw the shackles of the working day off. People do various things to calm down, but when we’ve got plenty of tasks ahead of us at home, we don’t always have the energy and the discipline to calm down. And this is why you need to develop a habit. And a habit doesn’t begin at the end of the working day, it begins at the start. We’re so primed for stress now, because we use our phones all the time which can spike our cortisol levels, so we have to find approaches to making ourselves calm down. There are many options. Deep breathing, meditation, even binaural beats that you can find on YouTube may put you into the relaxing mindset. But with all of these approaches, you need to find the right one for you, which doesn’t have to take a long time, but make it a goal right now to look for the best relaxation methods that you would appreciate.

Ultimately, the trick to unwinding after a long day isn’t just about how you feel, but it’s the environment you’re in. If you live with other people who aren’t used to the typical 9 to 5 working day, it’s hardly a surprise you feel stressed. It’s part of the modern way of living, and this is why unwinding after a long day can feel very difficult. This is why it’s about practicing the habit of relaxation, rather than treating the symptoms of stress. Once you do this, by surrounding yourself with calming implements, and knowing what immediately relaxes you, you have the tools necessary to, not just relax after a difficult day, but to feel this sense of calm throughout your entire life. And if you don’t have the positive environment, you need to seek this out, not just for your stress levels, but for your entire life. We are more exposed to stress than ever before, and this is why we have to take the initiative and learn the tricks of the trade that will give us the necessary tools to calm down. There is no one journey to unwinding, but when you’ve had a long day, you deserve to go to a relaxing environment where you can unwind. We all have our own methods, but when we are constantly exposed to stress, achieving that feeling of tranquility is, most definitely, harder.

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