XSplit Review 1

XSplit Review

Bryan reviews XSplit Broadcaster, a PC Desktop application aimed to make broadcasting online easy and fun.

Steve Wozniak At The Turing Festival 2012

Steve Wozniak at Turing Festival

We get the chance to attend Steve Wozniak’s keynote speech that kicked off the Turing Festival in Edinburgh last Thursday. Click through to find out about what Steve Wozniak discussed at the keynote.

GoodBarber Review 2

GoodBarber Review

We review GoodBarber, a highly customisable system which offers native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, complete with stats, push notifications and optional ads, all configurable through the web interface.

iTwin Review 4

iTwin Review

Hammy reviews the iTwin, an aesthetically pleasing USB device that allows the transfer of files securely between two computers. It is impossible to hack, but is it worthwhile?

Respro Hump Review 9

Respro Hump Review

Craig reviews the Respro Hump, a backpack cover that’s waterproof and makes you incredibly visible; perfect for dark winter nights.