CBD Oil for Dogs: What Are Its Benefits?

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CBD is the abbreviated form of Cannabidiol. It is one of the chemical compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant, which includes marijuana or hemp. CBD is a hemp extract that significantly benefits the users. It is known to have just mild or no side effects on both humans and pets.

CBD oil is one of the many products derived from CBD. It is incapable of causing an intoxication in your dog because of its minimal THC content. It is actually the high THC content in cannabis extracts that gets people high.

If you’re wondering how CBD can benefit your dog, read on to find out more, and you can also visit this page to find the best CBD hemp dog treats for your little friend.

  1. Serves As A Pain Reliever

The human body makes use of stimuli through a system known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS triggers endocannabinoids to regulate body pain. CBD, when in the body, activates the body to produce more endocannabinoids. This activation is the pain-relieving capacity of CBD.

Also, CBD activates a body compound called anandamide. The anandamide is another compound known to help in the regulation of body pains. For this reason, you can administer CBD oil to a dog in pain to help relieve the dog. CBD treats for dogs would also be a good option to offer your furry friend if he is not so fond of CBD oil.

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  1. Helps Reduce Inflammation

Using the ECS, CBD helps reduce inflammation in the brain and nervous system, thereby reducing pain. Also, CBD helps reduce the oxidation process in dogs, thereby reducing the possibility of premature aging. Apart from this, you can also visit this site to research CBD oil for dogs side effects in case you want to make sure its totally safe for your pets.

CBD helps alleviate diverse forms of inflammation in dogs. They include intestinal inflammation, chronic inflammation, inflammation of the bowels, and more.

  1. Reduces Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs feel anxiety from time to time. The anxiety could be caused by different factors. Also, it could stem from the phobia for noise, the dark, fear of being left by a favored owner, etc.

If your pet is showing signs of anxiety, after talking it through with your veterinary doctor, you can try using CBD oil from holista pet as a treatment. Based on positive feedback from dog owners and even human users, it’s highly effective when it comes to reducing anxiety in dogs.

Also, the use of CBD oil is believed to reduce anxiety and stress-generated issues, such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure in dogs.

  1. Helps Fight Cancer

Research shows that CBD oil, in conjunction with other THC-mixed products, can help fight cancer. CBD makes this possible by killing the cancer cells and preventing the further growth of the tumor. Also, it strengthens the immune system to fight the cancer cells, stopping the cancer cells’ activity.

In addition to their cancer procedures, those that have used CBD oil have testified to its efficacy. Also, CBD has properties that help increase the body’s resilience after chemotherapy.

This makes CBD a possible go-to solution if your dog is battling a tumor or the after-effects of tumor treatments.

Animal CBD Oil Concept. Dog Jack Russell in sunglasses, which reflects a cannabis leaf of marijuana. Hemp leaves and bottle CBD Oi in background.

  1. Manages Epilepsy And Seizures

A small percentage of dogs are known to suffer from seizures and epilepsy-like symptoms. Most of the known treatments used to alleviate seizures in dogs also have highly devastating side effects on them. In the long run, it could damage your dog’s organs, such as the liver and kidney.

Besides, these drugs are still not highly effective. The seizures, tremors, and spasm could again return after a short period.

On the other hand, with CBD for seizure treatment in dogs, the reverse is the case. CBD is known to cause a reduction in seizure frequency after just a few months of usage.

  1. Helps Increase Appetite

If, for one reason or the other, your dog is unable to eat well or isn’t eating at all, try giving it a dose of CBD oil. CBD oil is known to stimulate the dog’s appetite by maintaining your dog’s homeostasis.

It’s worth noting that CBD doesn’t increase the body’s food appetite drastically like THC, but it will definitely help your dog eat well.

  1. Promotes General Well-being

Your dog does not need to have any medical conditions for you to incorporate CBD into their life. In fact, incorporating a dose of CBD oil into your dog’s daily or weekly diet is a way to build your dog’s immune system and boost its general well-being.

Dog owners that tried this method with their dogs witnessed a boost in their dogs’ energy and overall health.


Without a doubt, CBD oil has great benefits for both you and your dog. For one, it can help reduce anxiety and relieve pain. It’s also very useful in treating inflammation, seizures, and increasing your dog’s appetite.

However, before you start administering CBD to your dog, you have to ensure you get the right, high-quality CBD product. If possible, get a certificate of analysis to be sure that the CBD oil has little or no trace of THC. Also, it’s best to get CBD oil in tincture form, allowing you to administer the CBD oil to your dog drop by drop.

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