Risks and Rewards for Using CBD Oil with Your Pets

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Because of the deregulation and legalization of the Marijuana and hemp plants throughout America there is more research going into the various uses of CBD oil, which is essentially marijuana without any content of THC.

One of the areas that is being researched currently, is looking into how CBD oil can improve the life of pets particularly in canines, felines and equestrian breeds. It is not just a matter of discovering what the oil can potentially be used for, but also which method will be most effective and most importantly what dosages should be considered. This company website may offer information for those looking to work out dosages for their own pets to try different remedies, but always go on the side of caution – although the dose might be perfectly safe in an animal with the same condition as yours, just as with humans you can never be 100% sure of the reaction in any individual creature. Allergies to happen.

The properties of cannabidiol oil, that have been derived from hemp in particular, are well known and very popular method of pain relief for arthritis sufferers and it seems that in smaller quantities as long as there is no THC present in the CBD oil this is also an effective remedy for pain and suffering and dogs and potentially horses that have arthritis or other joint issues.

This oil may not only provide relief for joint pain and other inflammation-based conditions with animals but may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety in some animals as well, which is excellent news for those that have pets that startle easily in thunderstorms or suffer from separation anxiety.

What are the concerns with using CBD oil for pets?

The biggest issue in using any form of medication, natural or otherwise, that is commonly used for treatment in humans is to make sure that you are using an oil that has been specifically designed for use with your type of anima. As the ingredients and the quantities that are able to be used are different from species to species and certainly different from the oils that you will get for human consumption and use.

It is not only the different quantities and qualities of CBD oil that you need to be concerned with but what it is mixed with. The difference between using the paraffin wax as a cream and using the coconut oil is a cream base can have very different affects depending on what your animal’s allergies are like and what their main condition is. You will also want to be careful if other essential oils such as lavender have been added (often added as a calmative for anxiety disorders), for although this common essential oil has huge benefits to humans, it can be toxic to animals https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants/lavender

This is something to be particularly aware of if you are using CBD oil to treat joint conditions as there may also be other ingredients mixed in as an effective treatment for humans. For example, various members of the pepper family are popular as an arthritis treatment, or peppermint and eucalyptus for aching muscles, and while these do have great benefits to humans can become highly toxic in your beloved pet.

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Choose Your Supplier For Their Knowledge Not Their Price

When you are buying any form of CBD oil treat animals it is best to go through a supplier that is able to offer advice and recommendations based around the individual needs of your animal. As more research (see here) is being made into the risks and rewards of using a range of natural and alternative medicines for animals you will find many vets are also knowledgeable in this area.

Safety is one of the best reasons for making sure any CBD product that you are planning to use on your pet is designed specifically for them, not for humans, and not for a different type of animal. This applies wither you are using the treatment topically or if your pet is going to be ingesting it, you need to make sure that you are not using a product that has any ingredients which are going to be detrimental to your pet. Remembering that Aspirin, even used topically, can be deadly as can a lot of other herbs and medications that are beneficial to humans but not helpful for animals.


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