How to Choose the Right ESD Apparel Provider?

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ESD, or electrostatic discharge, apparel is necessary to protect workers from any damage to their bodies while they work. This material often covers workers from head to toe. When selecting an ESD apparel company, it is important to familiarize yourself with their testing techniques and the materials used to create this apparel. Here is a look at some key elements necessary in the right ESD apparel provider.

Large Selection of Items

ESD apparel providers must offer a wide range of items for all industries. A company that only offers a few types of materials may not have the experience or history in this industry to produce products that are 100% safe. Many ESD providers offer garments for cleanrooms, building sites, paint spray situations, labs and other hazardous environments. They offer lab coats for a professional setting, polo shirts that are protective and elegant, appropriate ESD footwear and tacky mats to limit floor contamination.

History in the Industry

Having a history in this industry is very important. ESD apparel is not just necessary for a professional look, it is vital to ensure the safety of those wearing the material. If ESD apparel is poorly constructed or made with cheap materials, it may lead to contamination and other hazards. Companies that have spent the past 20 or 30 years working on ESD apparel know what is required of their products. These companies are also better equipped to handle changing standards and new technologies.

Quality Products and Customer Service

The quality of ESD apparel is of paramount importance, as noted above. Companies that develop worldwide standards of excellence are better equipped to serve their customers’ needs. In addition, it is wise to pick a company that excels at customer service. This means they are quick to respond to any issues with their shipment or products. They also offer lengthy warranties and guarantees on everything they sell. Quality customer service is also useful when placing orders, especially bulk orders with a lot of different items. The last thing you want is to deal with a company that gets your large-scale order wrong.

Ample Inventory

The need for ESD apparel is difficult to predict. The items you currently have may wear out over time or suffer unexpected damage or loss. If you are dealing with a company that has a sizeable stock, they can ship the apparel you need within days. In contrast, a company that back orders items may take a few weeks to get you the equipment that you need in a few days.


Standards and requirements for ESD apparel are always changing. With new technologies, materials and jobs propping up every year, it is important to do business with a company that understands this evolving market. As standards and technologies evolve, the ESD apparel company’s products must also evolve.

Custom Designs and Patterns

With custom designs and patterns, you can order ESD apparel that not only protects your employees, but also helps them look the part. Company logos, designs and colors are a great way to customize your ESD apparel.

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