Cleaning Tips for Front Load Washers

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Maintaining and cleaning washing machines can be taxing if the owner doesn’t know how to do it properly. It is a must to keep front load washers tidy and bacteria-free at all times. Failure to remove those unwanted particles leads to the presence of an awful odour that can quickly transfer to newly washed clothes.

Another cleaning issue is mould formation due to the moisture accumulated in hidden areas. Hence, regular cleaning is a must for a frequently-used washing machine. Below are some cleaning tips for your front load washers.

Clean the Seals of the Door and Gasket

Make use of towels soaked in white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. These solutions will then clean the mould or grease and act as disinfectants to the affected areas. After leaving it for an hour, use a clean cloth to wipe the door seals and gasket. Another nifty tool is a toothbrush to scrub off the remnants.

Turn On the Front Load Washers

When the door and gasket are clean, switch on the washer to the hottest setting of the water, adjust it to the heaviest load, and press the longest wash cycle.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

Pour into the drum a mixture of half cup of baking soda and one litre of vinegar. Alternative solutions are citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach, and enzyme detergent. For the top load washer, allow the water to run for several minutes and then put the baking soda and vinegar. Let the front load machine run for a minute to mix the ingredients and then let it stop to allow the solution to soak for roughly an hour before continuing the cycle until it finishes.

As for the front load type, add baking soda to the fabric conditioner dispenser and vinegar to the detergent dispenser, and then switch it to wash cycle.

Let the Cycle Run Twice

Allow the cycle to run its course for the first time. While waiting for it to finish, clean the exterior with a rag soaked in vinegar, and wipe and scrub all the areas–nooks and crannies. After the first run, let it perform another cycle with hot water. Put a tad of vinegar to soften the remnants from the first cycle. Following the second run, leave the door open to allow the inside to dry and stop it from mildew formation.

Clean the Filter, Dispenser And Other Accessories

Use a towel soaked in vinegar to wipe the interior of the lid. Grab an old toothbrush to use it on crannies or hard-to-reach areas. When cleaning the rim of the tub, start scrubbing the top edges and other areas where the water can flow in to. Wipe the agitator for the top load washing machine.

Various Ingredients for Cleaning Front Load Washers

Using vinegar and baking soda can remove the limescale and serve as deodorisers. The vinegar is a subtle form of acid, and so it will not completely eliminate the mould. It will necessitate stronger ingredients like oxygen bleach and enzyme detergent. These solutions can remove stubborn grease and other annoying dirt in the washing machines.

Even when front load washers regularly perform washing and cleaning clothes, it doesn’t mean they are always clean. There will be residue from the clothes, and if unattended, it will lead to serious dirt issues. Hence, check the interior and exterior of the appliance from time to time.

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