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Here in the UK, we are strangers to air-conditioning, as the harsh British climate seldom saw temperatures in the 30°C range and that would only last a couple of days. All that is rapidly changing, however, with highest temperature records broken every year all across the UK and this means we need to find a cost-effective climate control system that offers cool solutions in the summer.

Residential Climate Control

The traditional water-based central heating systems are being replaced by state-of-the-art Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems that provide cost-effective climate control for all of the year. Of course, you might prefer a single a/c unit for the bedroom, in which case contact a company such as Batchelor Air Conditioning, a leading UK supplier of the best residential & commercial air-conditioning units. The 2021 summer has so far brought us sweltering hot days (and nights) and this is the time to have a/c installed, as we still have a few more months of potential heatwave weather.

Good Ventilation

This is critical if you wish to have cooler temperatures in your home on very hot days and installing a couple of extractors in the right locations, you can create a pleasant airflow that also ensure the air quality is always good, as you are replacing it. If your central heating system has seen better days and you are thinking about replacing it, this is the perfect time to switch to a cost-effective HVAC system, which offers year-round comfort. If you are unsure how to create a good airflow, ask an a/c engineer to pay you a visit and he can tell you precisely where to put what. Click here for some interesting information about how solar electricity can be re-stored, which is ideal if you are planning to install solar panels on your roof.

Commercial Premises

For the very first time in the UK, we are seeing restaurants and retail outlets installing a/c, which is a sign of things to come. Commercial units are obviously heavy-duty, using massive heat exchange units and powerful compressors, yet even these powerhouses are cost-effective, thanks to new technology and businesses that incorporate green climate control would receive some form of concession from the UK government.

Portable Air-Conditioning Units

They have always had these in places like Florida and Thailand and this is a very economical way to cool down a room quickly and keep it at a desired temperature. The typical unit has a water tank at the bottom and a fine mist is sprayed with the cool air, plus the unit can be directed and they come in various sizes. There isn’t much you can’t buy on the Internet and Google will take you to a leading supplier of air-conditioning units at very affordable prices. Of course, if it is a single room you spend most of your time in, the obvious choice is to install a single air-conditioning unit, which is economical to run.

Colder Winters

According to the climate scientists, warmer summers do not always mean warmer winters and thanks to the major currents, the UK is set to see colder winters, with temperatures around –20°C. We might end up like Minnesota, where they experience -40°C and +40°C at the same location, yet with good a/c and a heating system to match, at least your home will always be comfortable.

40°C+ Temperatures

While not wanting to sound pessimistic, if global warming forecasts are correct, we could be having regular 40°C+ summers and that might even include the upper forties, edging closer to the furnace-like 50°C temperatures. Many UK homeowners have already incorporated a/c into their property and such is the level of technology, the state-of-the-art air-conditioning units use very little energy. If you would like a quote for an a/c unit in your master bedroom, search online for a local supplier of heating and air-conditioning and ask them to pay you a home visit, when you can discuss all of the options. Click here for UK government information on climate change, which we should all read.

Installing air-conditioning in your home will also make the property more attractive, should you ever wish to sell up and move on and when the really hot days come along, you simply set the thermostat and enjoy a comfortable ambience.

Image Credits: Carlos Lindner

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