Close Quarters Considerations – 7 Tips for Living with Roommates

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Are you a student that is leaving home for the first time to go to college? Are you a working individual who is trying to save up money to buy his or her own house or car? If so, you are in need of a roommate.

Roommates can be great allies, friends, and confidants, but they can also be hard to live with unless you set some ground rules.

Keep reading, and you will be informed of the top seven tips for living with roommates.

Storage is a Necessity

Most times, roommates live in an apartment where there is not a lot of storage. One way to make use of the available space you do have is with plastic containers. Storage containers can keep your things separate, while also keeping them clean and organised.

You can use containers in the shared areas like the kitchen and bathroom to alert one another of personal products that are not to be shared such as toothpaste, shaving cream and razors, feminine hygiene products, spices, or baking ingredients.

Communicate Often

Some of the worst fights and resentment from roommates is usually due to a lack of communication. Make sure you are discussing likes and dislikes often. You may not know what you did is a pet peeve of your roommate unless you talk to him or her. By understanding each other, you are respecting one another and becoming a better person.

Set Rules

One of the things that can be awkward when first living with a roommate is to set rules. Things such as establishing personal spaces from shared spaces are essential so that you have your own haven to go to that is entirely your own. Money should be on the list to speak about so everyone is on the same page regarding who buys the food and what is shared, sharing utensils, and paying for cleaning supplies or maid service.

Give Each Other Space & Privacy

Even though you are living with another person, you still need your own space and privacy. Sometimes people need their own time to decompress and work through stress. Make sure you are communicating if you are going to have guests over as well as if you have lost something. Do not go into your roommate’s room without checking with them first. It is very disrespectful and is a violation of their privacy and trust.

Respect Each Other

Roommates have different schedules so make sure you are mindful of your roommate’s schedule and routine. If you get up before they do, be quiet, so you do not wake them. Avoid turning on bright lights if your roommate is still sleeping. Do not use the last of a roommate’s food, and if you do, tell them so or go out and buy them some more of whatever you ate. They will appreciate the gesture.

Clean Up After Yourself

This tip is actually a suggestion that works well if followed. One of the most vital parts of being a good roommate is to clean up after yourself immediately. If you spill some juice or coffee, clean it up. Do not leave it on the counter for days. If you make a meal, do the dishes immediately after eating or load and run the dishwasher. These small things go a long way in keeping roommates happy with one another.

Discuss Boundaries

We all have things we do not want other to touch, say, or use. If you have a unique trinket that a family member gave you, make it known that it is not to be used by others. If you do not like swearing, communicate with your roommate to not speak that way in front of you.

Lastly, make sure that your roommate knows you do not like others sitting on your bed. Make sure to understand the boundaries of the other individual you live with as well and follow their rules just as you would like your boundaries followed.

Why You Cannot Think Only of Yourself When Living With a Roommate

When you are living with people, you have to be respectful of their presence in the home as well. They pay rent just as you do and should not be made to feel like the apartment is not their home.

When having a roommate, you want to communicate, set rules, give each other space and privacy, and respect one another. You should also discuss boundaries, clean up after yourself, and have ample storage for all your items that are not to be shared. If you follow these suggestions, you will have a happy roommate that will be your best friend!

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